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  1. That's his 1-4 show, He didn't start Drive till April 2012. Also the jingle package in use is still the Pure Tonic Ra-Di-O ONE. Pure Jingles started when Greg moved to drive!
  2. Yeah I meant D, Must have pressed B because it was after A 🤦‍♂️
  3. There are 6 studios shared with R1, 1Xtra and Asian Network. 82A and B are the 2 bigger studios and are mainly used by Radio 1 as that is the flagship station out of the 3, but another big reason? The Live Lounge! 82A Can't be used to broadcast during a Live Lounge because all the equipment for the LL (Such as the mixing desk etc) is in 82A, and as such the studio is full of the Tech Ops who are mixing and controlling the LL. Clara (and Fearne when she was there) always does her show from 82B. On the days when 1Xtra had a LL and R1 didn't Trevor would be in 82B and Fearne would be in one of the smaller studios. When Greg was on drive he would normally use 82B as well. Greg, Scott and Annie don't just use 82A though, if someone else has booked that studio then they will use one of the smaller ones. The chart has always been in one of the smaller studios, even when Reggie and Jameela did it. Greg only used to do the Chart in 82B because that was his studio at the time for drive. I did Feet Up Friday (Whoooooooooo?!?) with Dev back in 2014 and we were in 82B and to say the studios were only about 2 years old then, they were battered!
  4. The whole of the BBC (TV, Radio etc) uses something called BNCS (Broadcast Network Control System). I believe it was in house designed by the BBC R&D Dept. This allows any studio across the whole of the BBC (From London to Cardiff to Salford etc) to take over any network (R1, R2, R5Live as examples), or route sources into their studio from anywhere in the BBC, including on the OB Vans. A good current example of this is Life Hacks which now comes from Media City in Salford instead of NBH. The studio at Media City isn't faded up in a studio at NBH, as they are actually in control of the R1 network at that time. There are times when it goes wrong, like the other week when Greg tried to hand over the R1 network to Clara's studio after his show and just got "Tone".
  5. I do have some insider knowledge on this, and you're pretty much bang on! For the hourly simulcasted news, at xx:29:50 the News In Ramp gets played by the DJs on air on R1 & 1X and they fade up the news studio and leave it up for the whole bulletin. The rest of the beds and clips (including the News Out Stab) are played by the newsreader in their studio. Once the News Out Stab has been played then the DJs will start their next song or jingle and fade the news studio down again. Now unless things have changed in the last couple of years, the 15 min programs are the same as above with the news studio is faded up for the whole program, the only difference being that there are Tech-Ops in the adjoining news studio pressing the buttons etc. Breakfast is different. R1 & 1Xtra Breakfast have their own news, so the back timing on the Ramp isn't as important to get bang on. That's why on breakfast you'll hear "Radio 1 Newsbeat it's now (insert time here)" instead of "This is newsbeat, we're back in an hour" for example. At the start of Grimmy's stint on breakfast, Tina used to be in the news studio. It was only a few years after she gained more of an on-air presence again that she joined Grimmy in his studio for the news. Rosin is mainly (if not always) in the news studio for the news. It's also worth noting that in the Nesbeat studio, the "Desk Mon" output that they use for monitoring and in their headphones is actually the output on R1, that's why on certain outside broadcasts when R1 have had issues broadcasting newsbeat and have bailed to a song, the news reader sounds a bit odd over on 1Xtra (the Nesta Mcgregor incident from last year is a brilliant example of this).
  6. forde52


    Have Cel and Katie been summoned as well?
  7. forde52


    I've got absolutely no ideas as to what tomorrow could be about. Very curious! 🤔
  8. Ex’s & Oh’s intro today featured the old voices... been a while since i’ve heard them on!
  9. I missed that today but that’s actually annoyed me slightly ...
  10. My thoughts exactly! It has been used on air before but not now due to dropping “Where It Begins”, but I thought I’d include it!
  11. * MONTAGE ALERT * I present to you, The Sound of "The One"... https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7trjsoeqn95te9/The Sound of The One - BBC Radio 1 2018.mp3?dl=0
  12. I would assume from this that yes, yes he will! The sister company of Contraband Media who did his breakfast show imaging of late. Interested too see what they've done this time!
  13. I'm not agreeing with what @OohErr has said above, or saying that this is the 1Xtra version of that same link... https://www.dropbox.com/s/pnrwe1m5zghyult/2017 1Xtra Newsbeat In Ramp.mp3?dl=0
  14. I've got the 1Xtra version to add to this
  15. I think it's great that they've left the bad version of Newsbeat on iPlayer!
  16. Even at 1PM it was still a shambles, it’s as if Nesta couldn’t hear anything in his headphones. You can hear him tapping the mic and saying 1,2 over the start of a clip... oops!
  17. I'm sure I heard a jingle in Gregs show today saying "Wake up with Greg"
  18. Reminds me of One Road Travel I like the alternate Newsbeat bed they used for it, I wonder if that was made especially or if it was a cut that never gets used.
  19. I'm really happy for Greg, he's clearly over the moon to have this gig and that's apparent in how the show comes across to the listeners, Genuine! For the first time in ages I've actually listened back to the whole show when I got in from work as I was unable to listen. Looking forward to tomorrow that's for sure! As others have said, the Imaging is sounding slick and fresh, and you can tell that Greg has had a major involvement in the production of it. Just hope ReelWorld Europe hurry up with that demo now! However, there is only one thing that is really grating on me after 2 days... "Radio 1 Newsbeat, it's 6:33". Why isn't Roisin announcing the show, "It's 6:33, Now it's time for Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James". I feel that was a bit of a low blow especially on the first show.
  20. ReelWorld Europe have announced that they are behind the new Breakfast show imaging! AND they’ve promised a demo soon!
  21. Not necessarily brand brand new, but at least a refresh of IDs etc. Power Intros are great, but bring back the TOH
  22. That's what I thought, although I'm sure these are on air now but with the current voices.. Seems strange. Although I'm expecting a new Jingle Package to launch alongside Radio 1 Breakfast tomorrow, the Current package has been used for almost 2 years now with what seems like only 1 major update after 6 months, and with the tagline quite clearly changing to "The One..." it seems about the right time to do it.
  23. Pure Jingles have uploaded another Beds update, but for some reason they're using the old voices again?
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