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Radio nerds: I need your help!


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Hey guys, I'm new here, but I've heard this is a good place to talk to people who know their way about in radio. SO...

I work at a community radio station in Leicester, and wondered if you could lend me your opinions in a survey, for my Ofcom based report.

It's not for any gain of mine, I just need to establish a good understanding of what people know about Ofcom.

The survey only takes 2 minutes, and I'd really appreciated it.



PS: The survey is only for people who have NOT ever worked in a radio station and for those aged 15-30. Thanks :)

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I've frequently though targetting certain ages a pile o poo. You are always gonna get much older people plugged into Stations (r1 is an example of this), yet they will persist in insisting their audience is much younger.

anyhow, I'm off to a meeting, then to stuff face.

Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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After going through what I would be offended on the survey, I found that I wouldn't be bothered about most things, unless it was racism or derogatory to a person or certain group of people. That to me would be overstepping the mark, regardless of the time. We don't need more racist ideas being spread around.

WTF is Ceebeebies? :s

A BBC TV channel aimed at toddlers.

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