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Health and safety 'excuse' for unpopular decisions


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Thought this was an interesting article. I suppose for some companies banning things due to health and safety concerns can help save them some money.


And apparently bosses at Butlins have banned the bumper cars as well, saying that although people can use them they have to be careful, travel around in the same direction and overtake only when safe. WTF?

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Yeah there's a lot of crap that goes on with utterly pointless rules. They often don't even get enforced but I'll wager things are even worse on this stateside where it seems sometimes like people will sue for a scratch.

Had one case on a train the other day where someone was following me through a door that closes automatically after a short time, it closed on them and they said that *I* had closed the door on them and that *I* had 'broken their arm' (I've had the same doors close on me MANY times, as have many other people. They do not close with enough force to break even the most brittle and feeble of arms).

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I think we have to blame America for this "compensation culture" we live in. Saying that, I think Britain and probably the rest of Europe, if not the world, has been quick to jump in on the issue as well.

I remember a time when it was unusual to see a "where theres blame theres a claim" advert but nowadays they are the most common thing out there, except perhaps for cashing in gold (whoever knew there was money in Gold?!) and companies who say they can get back Payment Protection Insurance for people :rolleyes:

I don't doubt a lot of companies will just blame things on health and safety to avoid arguments over decisions they make, but if it wasn't for the fact that the public has now got stupid beliefs into its stupid thick head then I don't think health and safety would ever have been become the hated issue which it is now.

Not impressed with censorship

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