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Beer Gardens


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I know this may sound a bit mental, but have you got to have BEER in a beer garden.

I have never been in one. When I was out the other afternoon, I spotted one, which looked lovely, put my nose round the wall, and everyone did seem to be drinking beer. So, I was just wondering if it's acceptable to go and do something else.

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No, it's usually better if they're yoo-total... :P

Though I find on night out where I've not been drinking (usually due to work etc the next day), soft drinks such as coke are usually surprisingly expensive, sometimes more so than a pint of beer! That sucks.

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Donation to petrol?!?!?! What is this?!?!

I take my work colleague to work everyday and dont get anything towards petrol. I do not like confrontations (face to face anyway when it can affect where I work) so haven't done much than drop hints.

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