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Britain's Got Talent!!

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It starts again TONIGHT April 16th 2011!! Can't wait for this, more to see the crazy Hoff than anything else!! :hahaha:

Find the panel an interesting combination of people: Michael McIntyre, Amanda Holden and The Hoff.

Amanda Holden has already commented that she would like a kiddies' Britain's Got Talent.... Don't think I would like that, but am looking forward to the vast array of talent tonight!!

Check it out!! :hahaha:

Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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Basing expectations upon the presence of a particular celeb alone is usually a bad idea... cases in point:

-WrestleMania this year had The Rock, it was mostly awful, same goes for The Hoff being the host of Raw.

-Superbowl Half Time Show had Slash off of Guns n Roses, but even he couldn't save Black Eyed Peas cover of Sweet Child Of Mine from being bloody terrible.

- Florence Welch appeared on Justin Lee Collins' Good Times, it was the only good bit in that first episode, and probably in the entire series (it's not being renewed).

and that's just 3 cases from the past year

Professional eater of puppy dogs, baby heads and killer of grannies...

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Britain's Got NO Talent

not sure why Dave has lowered himself to do this,

the Hoff (even though i like him) is the king of cheese,

Amanda on the show is actually in the dictionary listed under Ironic, the only talent she had was screwing Les Dennis & she cannot even do that properly.

Ant & Dec are single handedly destroying British TV in the same was that Simon Cowell has destroyed British music.

i don't understand why people watch this (whatever you call it [shit ?]) i understand that it's called entertainment, what i fail to grasp is how is it entertaining in any way, because some people for entertainment (laughs if you want) laugh at disabled people in the street which i find abhorrent !

the people on the show have no discernible talent what-so-ever, this on the other hand

the people go on the show for two things, to get money off you by buying shit you don't need & to get their 'five minutes' well they can get their five minutes on their own time, not mine.

shit like this has made the country worse, what do children have as roll models now, Jordan who will fuck anything & use her kids to promote herself, & a fat Greek i dunno fucking about in-front of the Hoff i have nothing against Greek people) at least with TV shows like Knight Rider for younger members the Hoff stared in had morals even the A-Team which had lot's of shooting people in had morals, they taught right from wrong, the bad people get beat down, but now the roll has been reversed, close the door on the way out, won't ya ?

regarding Amanda's quote in Viv's post, yay for the prostitution of children by their parents ? :rolleyes:


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