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    Mothers Day

    That's quite interesting! In Switzerland, Mother's Day is in May, not in March...
  2. Nooooooooo!!! I love the Apprentice, but I don't even have enough time to do all my school work, so how am I supposed to watch this in March? I'll have to skip all the twitter conversations about it, I guess, or I'll be getting jealous...
  3. pretty much, yes. But she's resurrected and the podcasts are now online...
  4. Hey everyone... I was busy with school stuff (Swiss school system's a bit different to the UK one...), so wasn't able to upload the podcasts during the last month. However, I have them on my computer and hopefully they'll be uploaded by tonight. Hi biscuits! The 10th was a Thursday, right? Then, your letter will be in the podcast of the 11th, as R1 are always behind one day. I don't have a podcast from 10th - I guess there wasn't any, because on the 9th November Sara Cox was sitting in for Scott. If there was, I should have it, because I have all the others from that week. Have a look at the one from 11th, in that one they're reading out emails. As far as I know, there isn't any. During Christmas holidays, I will have a look at it and try to find a possibility to create and upload something like a zip-folder of all the podcasts for you. Okay?
  5. YOU should be around here long enough to know that we have a biiiiiiiig podcast archive where you can find (almost) everything... There you go: http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?catid=46&linkid=2709
  6. Aww, I loooooove fireman Sam!! My dad still has all the videos (obviously all in Swiss German) of Sam. I used to watch that all the time!
  7. If they don't change the addresses and the number, people will still know it. The biiiiiig radio fans have the contact information on their mobile phone anyway.
  8. It depends on how you look at it. I hate people who try to get every single non-Christian person to become Christian, but I love people who are religious and know how to behave. I mean, people who talk about religious stuff, but not constantly. Why the ?
  9. Wow, cool! Will try watching every episode. I never finished the last series of the Adult Apprentice but I hope I'll be able to follow the Young one.
  10. Talking about cats, I just NEED to show this to you: I was there live, it was absolutely amazing! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=414749100965 #cathaters Still can't help laughing my a** off everytime I see this vid!
  11. Is that some kind of a tradition that unis have/organise gigs in the UK? I've never seen anything similar in Switzerland.
  12. Hi everyone searching for the newest downloads! Just thought I'd let you know in case you're wondering where all the recent podcasts are... I'm on holidays at the moment, so can't upload the podcasts to the site right now. However, I've downloaded all of them and I'll be updating everything when I get back home. Be looking forward to it!
  13. I rarely do Christmas shopping. I always give stuff that I made by myself to my parents and good friends, that's far easier, doesn't need much thinking and it's easily done in a few hours. Also, I don't have to use a whole day to get the shopping done.
  14. Start of this year was amazing. Best start ever. Now everything is so stressed - I don't even have time to sit down and relax a bit!
  15. Exactly. The best way is "always think twice before posting anything". I also have more than one email address because I don't want to mix up Facebook/Twitter with school/work stuff. .....I'm not saying I'm not writing about school on Facebook! It's just that I don't want teachers or future employers to find my profile easily (they'll find it anyway, but as I'm not always nice, I can make it a bit difficult for them... ).
  16. good question. I remember renting skis for the last season as if it were a few days ago. and winter holidays..... *sigh*
  17. Thank you for your really loooong post! It helped a lot. It's much better information than I got from our teacher. I would probably have chosen boring or too difficult books... Thanks
  18. We had a short discussion about it at school, but didn't go any further. That's why it's on the list, we haven't read it properly.
  19. Not sure if my English teacher would like that... I'm actually quite happy that the list is so long. As I don't know the majority of all the books, I don't really mind the length. Plus, I get a bigger variety of books to choose from... Thanks
  20. It's for my English course. That's why I asked on here, I thought English speaking people could help me better than the small descriptions we got on our list...
  21. Thank you so much everyone! Also, thanks a lot for replying so quickly! You're the best xx As the whole selection is on a first come - first serve basis, I think I now stand a good chance to get the books I chose. I'll probably go with: - Breakfast at Tiffany's - To Kill a Mockingbird (also recommended by my parents btw... ) - Life of Pi - Of Mice and Men Thanks again for your help and for all your work writing these posts!
  22. I have also stuck with Hotmail but only because I'm too lazy to delete it. I don't use it for emails and I'm never online with the messenger. I've also got fb for about 3 years now I think but it's gone all rubbish. Twitter has hooked me only a year ago and even if it is sometimes a bit impersonal, I quite like it, as it is simple to use and easy to find stuff when you're looking for something.
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