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iPod or no iPod?


Do you own an iPod?  

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  1. 1. Do you own an iPod?

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So, I've noticed that basically everyone at my school has an iPod, and I'm in the minority of people who don't have one. :confused:

Personally, I think my generic mp3 player is better because it has a radio, and iPods don't. Everything seems to be biased towards them! Gah!

Does anyone else not have one?

*Rant over*


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I've got an iPod touch which I wanted to upgrade to for aaaaggggeeesss because I was using an iPod touch for ages. The main reason I wanted the touch was for the games and apps, well worth it.

The geek formally known as Scott Mills Guru

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Guest PineapplesLikeAarons

I'm glad this is here.

iPods are beautiful.

Average school day: iPod wakes me up, listen to iPod whilst eating breakfast, walking to bus stop, waiting at bus stop, on bus, at school, until told off for listening to iPod (which cannot happen any more - told off way to many times, had it confiscated, phonecall home, detentions, yes, my iPod has ruined my school life), listen to iPod with friends at break, lunch, listen to iPod on bus way home, at home listen to Scott Mills/iPod/iTunes, then fall asleep listening to Scott Mills podcasts.

I have an iPod 8GB, which I regret as I have no room left on iPod, and scratches on it from dropping it on floor.

My iPod is amazing, though, I have named it, I wear it around my neck and I basically love it to death ;)

Half my class have iPod touches and only about 3 people in my class don't have one, possibly less ;)

Yhoo need an iPod x

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