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Rylan and Scott

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I have accepted Chris is unlikely to join Scott's show, and that Chappers has moved on, but I still think he could do with a co-host.

The most logical solution, I think, is Rylan. He appears more often on his show than not, and they are great together.

Radio 2 could lose Rylan's Saturday show and extend his reach by appearing during the week.

I think they'd be great!

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I like Scott, and I listen to Rylan's show every week... they do sound great together on Eurovision etc but.. as for a daily show together, I don't think it would work. Rylan would probably have to reign it in a bit which would lose his appeal, otherwise it may become too chaotic, in my opinion. That Saturday slot is perfect for Rylan, his rapport with Sally Traffic and Lottie is great. I suppose it comes down to cost as well and if he would want a daily show?


Radio 2 are clearly happy with Scott's show, and considering he's just won Best Entertainment Show at the ARIA's, I can't see them changing much.


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I really like Rylan, and as much of a fun idea it would be to have Scott and Rylan together, I think Rylan is too much of a main character.  Scott needs a side-kick rather than a full on co-host I think. That’s why he and Chris worked so well, Scott steered the show, and Chris was the perfect person to have alongside him. 

I don’t religiously listen to Rylan’s show, but when I do catch it, it’s perfect weekend energy. He has a very warm presenting style too, but something makes me think he and Scott together every day would be a bit too much. 


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    • Conor Knight is in for Sam & Danni on Sunday 23rd June.
    • James Cusack on 19th July at 1pm.
    • I think it looks Ore in the weekend slot for the summer
    • Best New Pop is disappearing from the schedule after next Friday as well.    Long overdue decision, although it made more sense having the Friday EB presenters do it than Mollie pre-recording it, it should’ve been removed when Matt and Mollie moved to weekend afternoons back in 2021 and replaced with a wider new music show.
    • Still now news on AFTRNOONS T WEEKENDS   
    • I wonder if those Charlie Hedges dance anthems will be repeats of the ones on Saturdays or new programmes. She’s posted on Instagram so I wonder if they’ll be new editions.
    • Hopefully it will cut into their Rickie Melvin or Charlie time lol, it's getting tiresome (to me).
    • This is getting ridiculous. Launching all these schedule changes and still not announcing a new host for weekend afternoons. They’re a bit late on announcing the festivals bit as well. 
    • So RMC show will basically be 'Hello, it's us', followed by the news, then the Live Lounge and 'Goodbye, see you tomorrow'. 1.45 four days a week seems like a bit too short for three hosts 😁 Btw, still no news on weekend afternoons.
    • Roundup: - Radio 1 Breakfast extending to 11am Monday-Thursday only - Sam and Danni hosting Friday EB until January 2025 from Cardiff - New Dance shows: Arielle Free on Radio 1 Dance Morning from 15th July, Danny Howard on Thursday nights, Pete Tong on Saturdays. All on the BBC Sounds Dance stream. - Martha taking over Annie Nightingale’s slot permanently.
    • Later this summer Radio 1 will also launch a number of new shows on the BBC Sounds Radio 1 Dance stream. Arielle Free will host Radio 1 Dance Morning, which will launch on 15 July and be available Monday to Sunday. Danny Howard will present Radio 1’s Dance Party Warm Up, a weekly show available every Thursday (6pm – 8pm) getting listeners ready for the weekend. Pete Tong will curate his Essential History of Dance a weekly show (Saturdays, 7pm – 8pm) dedicated to telling the story of the Dance genre. There will also be a new evening specialist series which will see Radio 1 Dance collaborate with key Dance music labels Defected Records, HE.SHE.THEY. and DnB Allstars. Additionally, Connor Coates will present a daily playlist – Radio 1 Dance – which will come from Northern Ireland, playing the best new, current and classic Dance tracks, and Charlie Hedges’ Radio 1 Dance Anthems will be streamed daily across afternoons. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2024/radio-1-summer-schedule-2024/
    • Longer Greg with Sam and Danni covering early breakfast on Fridays until January 2025. Martha is presenting Annie Nightingale's show permanently.
    • I never really started, my association with that 102.2 frequency around my way stopped when Galaxy did. Radio 1 do go mad on artists too, they used to over 20 years ago during my peak listening. These days it's Raye for instance who's severely overrated. But their main playlist is far more expansive. Stuff like Jungle Back on 74 last year which I liked was played by Radio 1, never saw it make Capitals playlist.
    • I find frankly with certain tracks or artists Radio 1 can be just as bad sometimes as Capital at overplaying them. Plus there's certainly an overlap in playlist - whether I tune in to either I'm not too far from Espresso, Rudimental, Benson Boone or Teddy Swims. I'm a bit of a nomad really - the Radio 1 playlist can often be a bit of a miss for me but I wouldn't listen to Capital for long periods either as it understandably feels very commercial.  But also I'm not ready to be pensioned off to Radio 2 yet. Basically I end up a mix of Jordan at Breakfast (but have tuned in to Matt & Mol and Sam & Danni covering Breakfast the past few weeks), dropping into Radio 1 if a DJ or show I like are on and I'll also have a healthy dose of Capital Dance.
    • Calum Leslie in for Shanequa on Life Hacks on 30th June.
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