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Should I be put to sleep at the hospital?


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Few people have asked about my appointment this morning, so I'll tell you.

It wasn't bad. It's all done now. They made me feel welcome and left Radio Norfolk in the waiting room and an outdated copy of OK! magazine. Anyway, we did the enema stuff (lovely!) and then waited around. Went in to the theatre bit, the doctor tried to put a needle in and popped a vein (oops) so did it elsewhere. He put antibiotics in to make sure it didn't affect my newly discovered heart murmur and once that was in showed me the video equipment.

Got to watch all that whilst the nurse spoke to me. But they didn't knock me out, and they said they'd give me a local anaesthetic instead. But I started feeling it going around my stomach. After i'd come out I was confused I knew too much about it, so asked, and they said they didn't' give me it in the end! Just waiting word from my homey at the Norwich hospital on things, but they can't see much wrong.

What I had done last time was a bowel thing which was a metal pole that normally goes straight up. This one was thin and bendy, so not as bad... obviously they failed to tell me this before hand.

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Glad it was all ok in the end, and it doesn't sound like they think there's anything to worry about :).

Was this what's called a sigmoidoscopy? Because I was reading about that today and it sounds a bit..invasive. But not necessarily much worse than the colonic irrigation if done properly with a bendy camera and a sympathetic doctor, and hopefully some anaesthesia .

Wow! I'm mightily impressed that you went through it without pain relief!!

UM is a nice place

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