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On 3/16/2022 at 8:51 AM, Jono said:

Interesting podcast with Comedy Dave about Radio 1 -  https://play.acast.com/s/chat...om-chris-moyles-radio-1-show

Talks a lot about "Moyles" but doesn't address him by his first name.

He admits he went into a bit of a "wasteland" after Radio 1.

A shame the pair never reunited.

May be the case that they may not hear from eachother these days and living different lives assuming as ‘Comedy’ Dave Vitty was a team member not a secondary presenter that Chris Stark is think they have different friendships. Think Moyles’ team was relatively large where as with Scott and Chris for the duration of the afternoon era of Scott Mills’ Radio 1 Show history are only constants on the show. Think Moyles seems to do stuff on social media and in any media relatively exclusive for Radio X got his own team over there. His foot into podcasting is only radio highlights and wrap up of his radio x show and James O’Brien podcast one of for a LBC Global Podcast and few tv appearances. 

Find only time if ever he’d do something of reunion is for a reunion thing if there was money involved. As Moyles only really does things for money I think these days (opinion, could be wrong).

Do feel that maybe when 3 years-ish after Radio 1 when the Radio X Breakfast show came around Dave Vitty didnt quite get the look in think he did a short stint on Hits Radio with Dom of sports news and think maybe one ex producer joining him on Breakfast maybe he didnt get a look in and work dried up.

Thin maybe the relationship after Radio 1 wasnt the same as maybe Chris Moyles didn’t see Dave as close as some other staff.

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Even after 10 years it still seems raw how it ended. Shame really as they used to spend a lot of time together, even outside of the show. I was listening to an old Chris Moyles afternoon show from 2001 on mixcloud recently, they were chatting about a few years previous when they first met on early breakfast in 1997. Talking about how they literally spent any other time outside of Radio 1 in this particular pub nearby. Even on Saturday morning sjows they spent the previous Friday nights out together somewhere a lot of the time. 

on the grid.

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I mean it will be 10 Years this September. Whilst any sort of large reunion is unlikely, don't rule out them doing something, as it was a key part of Radio 1's history.

DC, I too was listening to some old stuff on the archive and on YouTube where various clips have been put up, only now when I listen to it back you realise just how brilliant they all were together as a team. 

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