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Presenters who slipped through the net

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Just glanced back over the schedules for the last 10 years ago and some presenters who did occasional cover or odd shows seemed to have slipped through the net and thought would have been good for Radio 1. Feel free to add your list

Shout out to

Adam Catterall - thought he was brilliant and much better than Dev at the time but only seemed to get odd early breakfast cover when Dev got to cover daytimes. 

Jaymo and Andy George - was a in new music we trust duet and remember them covering Edith a couple of times but Matt Edmondson was preferred cover choice. 

Jen Long and Ally McRae thought they would be shoe ins for shows - similar style to Huw Stephens but think cuts at the time killed them off.

Pete Allison. Did early breakfast cover for a bit - they shared him with Absolute Radio overnights. Went to capital drive before networking and is now a producer/cover presenter at BBC Radio Leeds.

Hattie Pearson - student award winner would have been great. Went to XFM/Radio X now on Hits Radio


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Although some of them may still get chance to cover/be selected to host Fridays, there are a couple of last years intake of new presenters who i was impressed with. Gregor Davidson, who actually covered weekend early breakfast at least once or twice in the first part of the year. It would've been interesting to see if he, or any of the others would've been offered any cover work had it not been for the pandemic? It'll be a shame if the ship has sailed to get him on board.

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9 hours ago, abertom said:

Hattie Pearson - student award winner would have been great. Went to XFM/Radio X now on Hits Radio


She’s one of the few talents on the Hits Network. 
Would’ve liked to hear he guest host early breakfast .

Remember Luke Franks (Did some cover around 2018+ A BBC Sounds Podcast with Arielle last year.)  Whilst not the best. He could’ve done well with a co-host.


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