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The Best of Gemma Cairney

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Haha thanks for making this- gave me a good laugh at how utterly awful she is technically. How the hell did she not know Jericho Keys was covering Huw that night and intro'd him for the news? It's not difficult- 13 seconds to 10, hit the jingle and if she's not confident of hitting the vocal, do a short intro. Say goodbye and wrap up the show, then press the jingle and say "it's ten o'clock. Here's the latest from Newsbeat with X" and then shut up until the ramp hits the vocal. It sounds so sloppy and amateurish to crash the vocal/ say the wrong name of the newsreader/ not press it on time so the reader comes in before the jingle gets to the vocal (in the case of the Nick Rotherham one).

Huw is great at introducing the news and nails the timing- they should just let him do it on Wednesdays.

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