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Chris Moyles could be back on radio in september !

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I'm not against Grimmy - I don't hate him. I just don't love him either. I just don't love his show in the same way I loved The Chris Moyles Show, or Scott Mills, or Greg James - I'm fairly indifferent to it. It's a distinctly average radio show. Not hilarious but not so dire I can't bear to listen, not something I'd go out of my way to listen to but not something I'd actively avoid. So as to whether I'd care if he was fired - meh. It's unlikely anyway. I do think Greg could do a much better job of the breakfast show, and given the choice between Grimmy and Chris Moyles, I'd pick Chris Moyles, but I'm not a Grimmy hater.

This Moyles thing seems strange too. After saying he's done with radio for the time being, it seems unlikely but there's no smoke without fire, and neither camp have denied it. I'd quite like it to happen in theory, but I can't see Chris going back to commercial radio, the very same he made fun of for years. I can't imagine him liking to play lots of music and adverts (which I bet he'd take the pee out of - commercial radio bosses would hate that), and stick to the rigid commercial radio format. Then again, maybe he's been brought in to shake it up on purpose and be the saviour of commercial radio. But would he really take that job? From the national Radio 1 breakfast show with seven million listeners to the breakfast show of a local London station that has less than one million? He could walk straight into Radio 2 if he wanted to. Then there'd be the worry of it always being in the shadow of his Radio 1 show - always trying to recreate it but never being as good.

I'd like to see that happen in theory, but I don't know if it actually would, and whether it would actually be any good.

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As much as I love Chris, I don't think he is anywhere near ready for Radio 2. Scott is much more ready for Radio 2.

I think Chris would suit the 6music Breakfast Show although I don't think the station is needing to change its show because it is still very popular.

What about Chris on Magic? Are they not in need of a breakfast presenter after you know who..

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Scott is much more ready for Radio 2.

Are you kidding? Scott sounds about 24 and I think he's actually got younger during his time on Radio 1 - his style would not work at all over there. Meanwhile, Chris has sounded 40 since he was about 28 (which I didn't mind too much), always referencing things from the 80s and stuff, and his show did sound rather Radio 2 by the end. Chris would fit in much more.

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This may trigger me into getting a dab radio in the car, Moyles has tried and failed really at other things since leaving Radio 1. Radio is his true calling I reckon, it's what he's best at and I hope he's realised that now.

on the grid.

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