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  1. In case you didn't know Sara Jane Crawford will be leaving BBC radio in october to work in LA.http://radiotoday.co.uk/2015/08/a-dot-to-replace-sarah-jane-crawford-on-1xtra/ I wonder if its because she's dissappointed that Clara Amfo got promoted to fearnes slot instead of her.She was touted as the next big thing in radio a year or 2 ago. What happened?
  2. A senior Tory MP has suggested that Radio One could be axed or sold off to the private sector as part of the scaling back of the BBC http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/bbc/11735525/Future-of-BBC-Radio-1-should-be-debated-warns-Tory-MP-overseeing-charter-renewal.html. Does anyone here think that would be a good idea?
  3. Better make the most of Scott while we can. after Friday week he's off on holiday for a couple of weeks !
  4. starting on Saturday july 25 all the usual specialist shows such as Charlie Sloth ,Phil Taggart and Huiw Stephens will be replaced by special essential mix and other dance music shows in the run up to Ibiza.Pete Tong is taking over the wednesday 10pm slot. The only specialist non dance music DJ who survives the week is Dan P Carter !
  5. Alice Is sitting in for Greg on wednesday
  6. there will be no more changes to radio 1 till next year
  7. Ex radio 1 DJ Tom Deacon has been named as the new host of the breakfast show on Capital Radio with a female co host http://radiotoday.co.uk/2015/07/tom-deacon-and-emma-jo-sign-for-capital/
  8. well I was half right anyway
  9. I thought they were OK. If reports that they are taking over the sunday 4pm slot are true I'm ok with it
  10. Good news .Grimmy is taking a lot of time off to do the X Factor starting on monday july 6 and of course Scott is doing breakfast while he's away. Matt will be doing Scotts show as usual
  11. Scott will be doing breakfast for 3 days from fri jun 26 to tue june 30. Matt is doing afternoons
  12. could b a trial run to see if they would be a suitable replacement for the chart show. new show starts july 19 so they have to announce it soon !
  13. Alarm bells are ringing at radio 1 this morning with the latest RAJARs showing they have lost a million listeners with the breakfast show audience at its lowest point since Sara Coxs final 3 months, and Grimmys lowest ever audience There was already speculation about Grimmys future but these figures now make it hard for him to last beyond this year on breafast http://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/may/21/radio-1-loses-1m-listeners-nick-grimshaw-bbc-4-extra-6-music
  14. I do know that Ben Cooper is not a fan of X Factor.
  15. Grimmys already in trouble for missing his show on monday so they could be looking for an excuse to replace him anyway esp If he has bad RAJARs r I
  16. If Moyles did take over the XFM breakfast show I wonder if it could prompt Radio 1 to replace Grimmy with Greg James ? Grimmy might find it hard to compete with Moyles
  17. Rumours abound that Chris Moyles will be making his long awaited return to radio when he supposedely takes over the XFM breakfast show in September. Would be good to have him back .We need some competition ! http://radiowise.uk/can-chris-moyles-be-the-saviour-of-digital-radio/
  18. There is speculation in the press that Grimmy could be axed after missing his show on Monday .His excuse was that h e lost his voice but the real reason may be that he was partying too hard. Story here http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/could-nick-grimshaw-axed-radio-5559337
  19. Have you noticed that all 3 of the new signings to the radio 1 weekday schedule are females with a name starting with the letter A?(Annie Mac, Clara Amfo and Adele ) Alice Levine must be next then !
  20. well I was partly right about Gemma anyway !
  21. I di d hear a rumour Gemma was leaving earlies but I thought she was taking over the sunday slot.End of an era Aled leaving the Surgery. Doesn' t look like Gemma has much of a future on Radio One does it! First she misses out on Fearnes show now she' axed from earlies ! Surprisng that an 'older' DJ is taking over from her though PS Adele Roberts is doing earlies from mon april 27 for 2 weeks so not much more of Gemma to go !
  22. Scott Mills will be sitting in for Grimmy on breakfast starting Monday may 4 for at least a week.Matt is doing aftrnoons
  23. I think maybe with Clara taking over the 10am slot they might not want to have Gemma on weekday as well because they are very similar in style
  24. Matt Edmondson will be sitting in for Scott from friday april 24 to Friday may 1 (at least) while Scott takes a well earned holiday, his first since before Strictly I think !
  25. I have heard a rumour that gemma Cairney might take over the slot with a brand new DJ taking over earlies. Jordan North or Izzi Clarke maybe?
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