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BBC Radio 1 IDs/Beds


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Please STOP advertising your collection. One post is enough so please stop posting multiple posts and threads about the same thing.

If we get something new, we make one post. We dont pester people to trade with us.

The forums are made for people to discuss station imaging and other geeky stuff, and we like to update our additions with posts etc, but its not somewhere to advertise. I'm sure people like me, 'newsbeat' who posts a lot, and others are perfectly happy to trade with people.

Latest Jingles: 2010 Beds Package, 2009 and 2010 ID Packages, Newsbeat 2009/10.


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I came across some radio beds on a similar theme to the one from : newsbeat posted. I think they was from airmedia they did summat like them. You can just google airmedia and find them on the search. i think they was extream dance beds , just googled and yeah they are ... they sound to the ones posted like what news beat posted...

R.A.D.I.O - D.U.D.E

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I would imagine these new 'Ready For The Weekend' are created in-house at Radio 1, all the other ones are created by Music4.

Latest additions:

- Full Imaging Beds package (2009-2010)

- 2009 re-voice by Music4 (DRY+WET IDs, chart numbers 1-40)

- BBC Top Gear - Backing beds used in programs

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Requests for Capture!

Alas, Dell has removed the "Listen to what I hear" functionallity from my computer because of US copyright laws. Could someone capture these IDs? They are pretty clean :)





[email protected]


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