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On 12/22/2020 at 10:47 AM, Old Codger Fan said:

He's somehow struck a seam where, whether you're 15 or 50, then, provided you take at least a passing interest in new pop, chances are you don't mind a bit of Scott. I say this as a 45 yr-old, and his is the only Mon-Fri daytime R1 show I actively listen to ...

I like Greg too, and Dance Anthems 

The trouble with Scotts show, its too music heavy, if they lessened the "3 in a row" and gave him more time (I am sure he is restricted on link / feature times) then it would be better still 

He is currently in a waiting room for a slot on R2, I reckon next to retire Trevor Nelson will be on daytime and Scott will get the night time slot 

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I love listening to Scott on Radio 1. It would be a shame if he went to Radio 2, as we might hear less of a naughty personality? Not sure if that is right though. I agree that they are sooooo restricted to 3 in a row. 3 after newsbeat and 3 at TOH, so that is atleast 8-10 mins of each bit? So that is what 50 mins of the entire show? Plus songs in-between. I would love to hear just more talk and chat from every presenter I think. Only seems on breakfast shows they get more leeway with talking (except on weekends).

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