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Unofficial Mills meet up????

Lee E

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How about this 

who would like to arrange a meet for members of the site in London near NBH? like a coffee/lunch scenario and see if Scott and some of the team could come to meet us and chat for an hour or so? I thought a Friday at like 11am to meet and invite Scott Chris maybe his producer? so we could meet our hero and just say hi or is it like weird? and people say you should never meet your idol? 

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3 hours ago, jack_0102 said:

Really like this idea! Would be great to get Scott and Chris involved 

We could try to arrange it through his BBC email - unless anyone here has access to him via text or face 2 face? I know he reads these threads (Hello Scott if your reading) 

Otherwise we could attempt to ask through social media prompt him to read this or ask his agents but him and Chris seem approchable people 

I know Scott is a busy man but (and not dissing) Chris may be more likely to respond 

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