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1Xtra New Imaging Bid

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So 1Xtra has opened up the bid for a whole new Station Imaging package (excluding NewsBeat of course). There is a bit of confidential information about the package in the commissioning brief so I'm not going to post a link here, but if you know where to find it then you'll be able to find out!

But it looks like they're asking for a lot of Idents and workparts in this one (At least 71 parts).

Deadline is 13th March, there's no mention of when the package will be put into use though.

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So incase anyone hadn't noticed, The new imaging on 1Xtra has launched! Turns out ReelWorld Europe (Basically the new version of Pure Tonic Media) won the package. They've put a demo up on their soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/reelworldeurope/bbc-radio-1xtra-reelworld-imaging-2015

I quite like what they've produced here!

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Some of this sounds very similar to the PureJingles stuff I think that Radio 1 use (lots of voice cuts and sonics)

Hating their own version of "Where it begins..." - On Air, On the Ground... nasty!

I think it makes the station sound pretty grimey. The slogan is allright.

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