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Unofficial Mills member John Smith


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I'm starting this thread for anyone who's not connected up on facebook or has no other means of knowing.

Unfortunatley long term member of this forum John Smith (or just simply down as 'John' on here) passed away yesterday, the reasons why are still unknown to me but there was a suggestion by one of his friends that John was epileptic. Although it wouldn't be fair to jump to any conclusions right now.

Really shocked to hear the news, John was a valued member of this site and a huge part of the site's boom and popularity in the mid 2000's.

Thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP.

on the grid.

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Both Timsk and I were terribly sad to hear that John had died this morning. He was one of the UMers who actually helped to bring us 2 together; he was so friendly, amusing and welcoming.

He was a constantly happy presence on my Twitter timeline, even when nattering about football. I spoke to him about epilepsy a lot in the last year, as he did suffer from it, and I've had 2 seizures. He was so kind and helpful.

We've lost a good friend, a nurse and his poor family have lost a loving father. My thoughts are with them. RIP John.

'To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity'.

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This is really sad. John was really welcoming to me when I first joined this site back in 2006 and I've enjoyed his amusing updates on Facebook and seeing him getting a partner and having his two children. I feel very sad thinking about his children growing up without their dad there. RIP John.

'Forget happiness I'm fine, I'll forget everything in time'

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Have only just found out about this on Facebook... what a shame. I was lucky enough to meet him in real life a few years ago and found him to be every bit as warm and friendly as he was on UM. I'll certainly miss our various conversations about The Divine Comedy and Lemon Jelly - and of course our Wonder Years song-naming competitions, haha. My thoughts go out to his 2 kids, it's a huge shame that they'll never get to know him like we all did. RIP. :(

So save the last dance

For me my love 'cause I

I see you as an angel freshly fallen from the sky...

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