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Current Radio 1 Line Up - Your Opinion


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So, with the RAJAR figures this week being down, and the recent changes in the line up over the past year, what is everyone's opinion of each individual show? I know that now the actual listening figure isn't as important, just the age of those that are listening, but even the number of 15-24's was down.

I've gone through each show and added my opinion of each. I've just done the main weekday and weekend line-up. We know that Radio 1 bosses do look at these forums, so why not add your opinion of each show on the current line-up.


Dev: I do like Dev, and I think he is a decent DJ. I was hoping that surely by now he would have seen some sort of promotion. I do wonder whether they plan to move Dev to 1Xtra where he used to be, perhaps a replacement for Trevor Nelson when if he leaves? He definitely deserves to be moved from Early Breakfast to another show.

Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw: The show has definitely improved since it first started. Now more chats between the team, but I've still not warmed to it. There just doesn't seem to be any excitement to the show. Way too much talk regarding One Direction, Justin Bieber etc. It needs to be more of a team-style show for breakfast. It just sounds very average, as though it could be any breakfast show on any station. I was a huge fan on The Chris Moyles Show, but perhaps a change was needed after 8 1/2 years, I just don't think this was it though. Moyles used to talk about things that we could all relate to, and it was funny and engaging. I think moving Grimmy straight from the night time show to daytime was a mistake. Perhaps Greg with a proper team would have been better? If I ever missed Moyles in the morning, I would go and catch-up on iPlayer. If I even miss a few weeks of Grimmy, I can't say I'm that bothered,

Sara Cox (covering Fearne): Love listening to Sara! Great broadcaster! But, I have a feeling that once Fearne returns, Sara will make the move to Radio 2 for good. Much prefer Sara to Fearne. Will be a shame when she leaves for good. :cry:

Scott Mills: Still loving listening to Scott with Chris, although I don't think the show is as good as it used to be, particularly since Beccy left. Will never be as good as the days of Chappers and Laura, but it is still by far the best show at Radio 1. By what Scott has been saying though in interviews, I think there's only probably a couple of years left of him at Radio 1. :cry:

Greg James: I have always liked Greg. You could always tell, unlike some of the new DJ's, that radio has always been his passion and that was all he ever wanted to do. However, I think his drivetime show can be lacking sometimes. It just isn't very exciting. The best bits are usually his chats with Laura, but these are very limited, and with Laura leaving on maternity soon, I can see the show suffering. I think that a team-style show is needed for breakfast and drivetime. Give Greg a really good team, like Scott used to have, and I think it could improve considerably, as at the moment, it is slightly dull.

Zane Lowe: Still as good as ever. His show has been consistently good. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to music, has a real passion for it, and he's a great broadcaster - a real asset to Radio 1. Hopefully, he can avoid the cull of older DJ's and stay with the station for much longer. Radio 1 would be mad to get rid of him or move him to a different slot.

Phil Taggart & Alice Levine: Out of all the new shows, this is the one that has surprised me the most. I wasn't sure about Alice at first, but she's become a radio natural. It's been great hearing both of them cover for other people recently, and I can see them doing really well. They've got a good show with good music and great features. I know it has been mentioned on here about Alice taking over Fearne's slot in the future. I'm guessing the original idea would be to replace Fearne with Gemma or Jameela, but Alice would be a better option. Overall, I like these two. They've got a really good show here.


Gemma Cairney: I've kind of stopped listening to weekend breakfast now. I've not warmed to Gemma at all, whereas I used to love listening to Edith in the mornings. Definitely a bad decision to swap Edith with Gemma.

The Matt Edmondson Show: Out of all the ex-T4 presenters, he is definitely the best by far. A fun show that reminds me a bit of Scott's. Possibly a contender to replace Scott in two years? Maybe Matt with Chris in the afternoons? This show is definitely a gem in a rather average weekend line-up.

Huw Stevens: I don't mind Huw, but I definitely think he is suited for a specialist show more. Also, don't always use Huw for cover, there are other DJ's that deserve a chance! I don't love Huw's show, but I don't dislike it either. I'll listen, but I'm not that bothered if I miss it.

Dance Anthems with Danny Howard: Danny has definitely improved and has settled into Radio 1 now. I like the fact also that he has started at Radio 1 by winning the DJ competition. He's not brilliant, but given time, I think he could be good.

Chart Show with Jameela Jamil: I haven't really warmed to Jameela on the chart show yet. I think she's OK, but she's not a great radio broadcaster. There was definitely better options out there for the chart show when Reggie left. Overall, I think the show isn't as good as when Reggie did it.

Dan & Phil: Not for me. I am all for visualising Radio 1 more, but radio should still fundamentally come first, whereas with their show it doesn't. I get the feeling they were hired by Radio 1 as they were thought of as 'cool' by a younger, mainly female audience. But, they're not radio people. I was surprised when they won a Sony this week, but I think that's more down to the subscribers of their videos voting online.

Overall, when you compare Radio 1 to what it was five years ago, the line up really has gone down hill. The personality and excitement that Radio 1 had that said it apart from other stations has completely gone. I'm 20, so in the target age group, but they just don't appeal to me anymore. Also, I think the fascination of Radio 1 bosses to get rid of team-style shows needs to go. In the end, with a team-style show, you can get more involved in the show, and they're usually a lot funnier and interesting to listen to. The weekday line-up has a mixture of the very good (Sara and Scott), and the average/below average, but I think Grimmy and Greg could both have much better shows if they had a zoo format. And weekends, well they're rather dull, with only Matt's show being the highlight.

What's your opinion on each show? Be interesting to see if opinions between people seem to mirror each other.

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First Time Poster!!!

Great post, BlueSkies.


Dev :Have never heard much of him but I've heard nothing but positive comments about his show. He probably should get some sort of promotion in the next couple of years what with him finishing uni and having an endless amount of time dedicated to prepping the show. However, I don't see a slot into which he could move. Perhaps he could team up with Jameela on the chart?

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw : Agree with what BlueSkies says. I don't listen to Radio 1 at breakfast since Moyles's departure. (not a protest thing, just that I've found better alternatives to Nick). I listen back to a bit of it on iPlayer out of curiosity but it doesn't feel like "big radio". The features are pretty bad and the team discussions are quite banal and aren't engaging in the slightest. None of the team members are sharp-witted enough to make the show worth paying much attention to and the ideas department needs to give itself a kick up the........ Nick himself is likeable and his self-deprecating attitude can be funny if a little tiresome but strip back the celeb inanities and his chats about 1D, Swifty, Bieber etc., and is there really any proper content? Sara, Greg and Scott don't talk about their celeb friends and make far more entertaining shows. It has seen a marked improvement since the start, though. Must try harder.

Sara Cox : A joy to listen to. My second favourite presenter on the station. Unfortunately, due to her time slot, I don't get to listen to her show much but her random ramblings are just hilarious and she is infinitely better than Fearne on mid-mornings. She's probably on the final furlong in her Radio 1 career but she is a naturally funny person and a great broadcaster.

Scott Mills : Like many on these forums, Scott's show is undoubtedly my favourite. The only show which I purposely listen to and the only one which I have a bit of an obsession with. :B) The faetures are brilliant and the ideas are fantastic. The show sounds so polished and Scott's links are always perfectly timed- no umming and ahhing- straight to the point, impeccably timed and packed with personality. Becky was a huge loss and I thought the show would suffer because of it. Admittedly, it has slightly but nothing which has detracted too much from my enjoyment of the show. I wish they'd bring back some of the games they used to do and I do miss Becky's prank calls and Timmy Trendy but Scott and Chris are just brilliant together.

Greg James : Doesn't excite me much and Greg can be quite bland at times. His interactions with Laura and Chris Smith are by far the best parts of the show. The bits after 6pm are really good. If only that style dominated the show. He seems to spend the majority of the show on his dull features, fawning over his Big Thing, talking about a gig he was at last night etc. rather than being spontaneous, talking about things in his life and discussing things which matter to the target demo. His show would definitely benefit from having an official zoo format.

Zane Lowe : A great presenter who oozes passion, enthusiasm and energy. He rightly lets the music be the focal point and his engaging personality just punctuates a show which is permeated with excellent new music.

Can't comment on Phil and Alice. I haven't listened to them since they took over 10pm.


Annie Mac : A really versatile presenter. Her Friday night show is the perfect way to start the weekend- great music. I've only started listening to her Sunday night show in the last few weeks and it's great. Amazing music to wind down the week. She's a great asset to Radio 1.

Pete Tong : The king of dance music! Still a Radio 1 legend and I love the music on his show. A great listen and Pete is a fantastic broadcaster to compliment the music.

Gemma Cairney : Have never listened to her show but I've heard her do cover and appear on Scott's show and for the most part, I find her very annoying. Get Adele Roberts on weekend Breakfast and send Gemma back to 1Xtra. Sorry.

Matt Edmondson : A worthy successor to Vernon and Sara. Apart from Danny, it's the only show I purposely listen to at the weekend. Matt is naturally funny, his features are strong, he isn't afraid to take the piss out of some aspects of Radio 1 and he seems like an easy-going, nice guy. His interviews are brilliant and he brings something different to the table that other interviewers don't. His interactions with callers are brilliant as well. He definitely deserves the promotion and I imagine he'll progress to weekdays eventually. Love his show.

Huw Stephens : He almost introduces the likes of 1D, Bieber, Minaj etc. through gritted teeth. You can tell he hates playing some of the mainstream pop on his show and I sympathise with him when he tries to talk about them like he cares. He should drop the feigned interest. He isn't a particularly great daytime DJ. In fairness, I don't dislike his show but I'm quite indifferent to it. I'll passively listen to it but his features are woeful. He belongs on specialist shows but Ben Cooper probably feels he would be wasted doing one show a week at 12am for 2 hours. He'll probably stay on weekends until Zane steps down. Please, though, stop giving Huw all the weekday cover. He is NOT weekday daytime material and I can't understand why the likes of Dev, Matt and Pete Allison aren't used more.

Dance Anthems with Danny Howard : I think Danny has developed into a very strong presenter. He can be funny and he inserts just the right amount of personality into the show. The features on the show are fantastic and it is the perfect Saturday night show with the best dance music being picked for the show. I can easily imagine this show staying on the station for the forseeable future with Danny at the helm.

The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil : I think it's safe to say that Ben Cooper got this horribly wrong. Jameela seems nice but she is still quite awkward in her presentation. That she doesn't drive the desk is very disappointing as well- pure laziness! It's not a flippin' TV show. Radio 1 have tried to push her as the next TV-to-radio wonderkid but it's just not working for me. She seems to use Scott as a crutch on the Update and I don't think she's the right fit for the chart. She doesn't do the whole "tension" thing very well and I just haven't warmed to her at all. I used to really like Reggie, he understood the format perfectly and he was brilliant at creating tension and interviewing the guests. I miss him on the chart. I don't listen anymore TBH.

Dan and Phil : Not my thing at all. I doubt there are many other males who listen mind. I checked out their first show out of curiosity but for me, it's an internet show which just happens to be on the radio. The girls seem to love them and I'm sure their figures are strong as they have a massive fanbase but its a meh from me.

I'm exhausted after writing that.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Dev: Unless I'm working a nightshift I dont generally get an oppertunity to listen to Dev so cant really pass much comment on him. I neither like him or dislike him really. Just sounds so nasal!

Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw: I think Grimmy has had a hard time of late. I dont think his features are fantastic, but him and his team, as presenters are really funny and engaging. I acutally think his best link is his one at 6:45 where he just chats utter rubbish. Its really brillant radio. They dont have any guests in or have to do any corperate bollocks, its just him chattng to the listener. Often an overlooked part of his show and actually shows what a natural he is at radio. I know all the publicity and scrutiny come as part of the package of being the Breakfast show host, but just let the show grow and then comment on it. Its not fair to judge it straight after someone has just left the role after 8.5 years. I think he was a perfect choice for the new role.

Sara Cox (covering Fearne): Sara is fantastic and a incredible broadcaster. Her experience shows, as she is fantastic at the job. But with experience, comes longeivity, and unfortunately thats not what Radio 1 want. I think she must know as well as everyone that once Fearne is back, there is no slot for her, which is a crying shame.

Scott Mills: I do enjoy listening to Scott, and like Sara, he is a natural broadcaster but with the loss of Beccy and TOTDS its lacking something slightly. Beccy was a perfect contributer and I gueininly think she was one of the funniest people, if not the funniest person on radio. When she chipped in on 24 years at the tap end sometimes I would just be crying with laughter in my car, so for the show to lose her, is a massive loss. Saying that, I have warmed to Chris and think he's a welcome addition, but its difficult to match Beccy Huxtable. I remember once, when Beccy was off, they had Rihanna contribute to 24 years at the tap end and it was such god awful radio. Thank god that never happened again. I think they realised as much of a mistake it was! Even though losing Beccy is a massive blow for the team, I wish her all the best though and see from her twitter that her MS is improving, which is fantastic news.

Another thing I have noticed is I dont think they have enough listeners on the show. The days when they have no guests on, they just have Chris play real or no real on his own. It just seems lazy and pointless.

Greg James: It is just palpable how much Greg James enjoys his job and hes a pleaure to listen to. His features are well thought out and he knows what he is talking about when he is speaking about music, because like Grimmy he is actually going out to experience it. Also things like Camp Bastion and the Zambezi challenge were fantastic and really showed what a fantastic guy Greg is.

Radio 1 need to employ more people like Greg who have a guenuine passion for music and for radio and actually humble people. Basically the opposite of Jameela Jamil. I made a post about it before, but there must be so much untapped talent in student radio and radio 1 just doesnt seem to want to look there any more. Its such a shame.

Phil Taggart & Alice Levine: (I'm going to copy exactly what aws said before, beacuse I agree with it all!) --- Out of all the new shows, this is the one that has surprised me the most. I wasn't sure about Alice at first, but she's become a radio natural. It's been great hearing both of them cover for other people recently, and I can see them doing really well. They've got a good show with good music and great features. I know it has been mentioned on here about Alice taking over Fearne's slot in the future. I'm guessing the original idea would be to replace Fearne with Gemma or Jameela, but Alice would be a better option. Overall, I like these two. They've got a really good show here.


Gemma Cairney: Its very rare that I cant listen to some of the daytime shows and this is one of those. I gave her a chance and its such painful listening that I just listen to a Scott Mills Daily now in the car instead of that.

The Matt Edmondson Show: (Agree with all of this, this show is literally the only thing worth listening to at weekends) Out of all the ex-T4 presenters, he is definitely the best by far. A fun show that reminds me a bit of Scott's. Possibly a contender to replace Scott in two years? Maybe Matt with Chris in the afternoons? This show is definitely a gem in a rather average weekend line-up.

Huw Stevens: I don't mind Huw, but I definitely think he is suited for a specialist show more. Also, don't always use Huw for cover, there are other DJ's that deserve a chance! I don't love Huw's show, but I don't dislike it either. I'll listen, but I'm not that bothered if I miss it.

Chart Show with Jameela Jamil: I think its more her personality but I used to love the Chart show and just dont bother listening any more. She is incredibly self obsessed and irritating and it just makes for uncomfortable radio. Combined with the fact that she was so terrible at driving the desk when doing the request show (due to a non-radio background) that she doesnt even do that any more. The whole show is painfully scripted and just very unnatural. When Jameela interviews pop stars I actaully feel a bit embarrassed. The way she manages to wangle every question about them back at herself is quite incredible. She doesnt have the raw interviewing skills that other Radio 1 presenters have who come from radio backgrounds. She cant even hold a microphone correctly when interviewing!

Dan & Phil: Epitomises everything I cant bear about the new talent they are brining in. I think the show is aimed at a lot younger age group then me, and as far as I'm aware, I think that timeslot has the youngest age of listenership so thats probably only fair. And probably a reason why I dont listen. Like Jameela, it seems quite scripted and try hard but in their defense, I like how they can actually drive the desk and are good at it. But insead of intersting interviews with artists at R1BW they are pratting around doing stupid stuff. Probably what Dan & Phils fanbase want, but is it really how Radio 1 want to be viewed by the artists management?

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I think you people are being very harsh about Dan and Phil. I'm a 28 year old male and I gave them a listen last night and they are really funny lads who can work the desk well and actually play a decent variety of songs. I heard a gorillaz b-side, busted and tyler the creator in the same hour.

Their 'noise treasure hunt' game was hilarious and really well put together and internet news / dan vs phil were both great features working visually and audibly.

They have a great rapport with the callers and there wasn't one awkward silence that I have experienced with other djs and callers.

If you only listened to their first show then you can't judge them on that! I read in an interview that they found out they got the show and had 2 weeks to prepare for it. So give them another chance now they are 6 months in.

Talking of 'pratting around at big weekend' they filmed and edited this music video for Bruno Mars:

. Which I think is one of the best pieces of Big Weekend content and sums up the whole weekend perfectly.

Don't be afraid of change. Listen to last night's show and give them another chance with an open mind.

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I think you people are being very harsh about Dan and Phil. I'm a 28 year old male and I gave them a listen last night and they are really funny lads who can work the desk well and actually play a decent variety of songs. I heard a gorillaz b-side, busted and tyler the creator in the same hour.

All I would add is I like the show not my cup of tea but thay have a place on Radio 1 but I am hopping that Radio 1 don't think it would work all day everyday. I can't see where they are going to take the show and I like to for Dan & Phil to "grow up" when I say that I would like to see them to stand in for other shows as separate presenters to show they are more then one tick pony.

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Hello, another occasional stealth browser and first time poster. Apologies in advance for the length.

DAYTIME (pretty strong, 7.5/10)

Dev - I know he's not the strongest broadcaster in the universe, but I have a real soft spot for Dev. He's got a wry and warm, but also honest style. I think this style suits his slot perfectly (that's a compliment BTW) and he's got a likeable (if slightly music heavy) show. Due to his perseverance alone, I think he should be promoted, but sadly I can't see anywhere he'd fit in the schedule. It's a shame as no-one wants to be on earlies forever.

Nick Grimshaw - Beginning to feel like the only person in the world who actually likes his breakfast show. It certainly has its flaws, and it isn't anywhere near as good as his nighttime show was (that show was almost perfect IMHO), but as someone above said, I think Grimmy's getting a really hard time and is perfectly capable of presenting a good show. Just as Moyles was unfairly viewed as a boorish, sexist homophobe, people unfairly accuse Grimmy of being a terrible host infatuated with One Direction. Sure, there was lots of that in the first month to scare away the older listeners but now, he hosts a easy going show with a lot more personality Greg James could ever muster in the slot. It's just lacking in content sometimes and sometimes suffers from very poor ideas. If the producers could come up with decent features, it would be a fine successor to the CMS.

Sara Cox - Agree with others. Such a shame her career at the station is hamstrung by her age.

Scott Mills - Probably the best daytime show right now. Bizarrely his show's improved since the demotion, but that's not a complaint.

Greg James - My opinions on Greg change almost daily as I find him so hit and miss. His everyman personality really makes me want to like him, but at the same time he can be so incredibly dull. He can also come across as a touch smug occasionally too. As others have said his passion for radio really comes across, and he's very good at connecting with people my age (I liked how he recently compared some stuff coming up on his show in the week to "announcements in school assembly"), it's just he can be very bland and a tad unfunny at his worst. He seems to have lost the livewire spark he had during the early breakfast years. People sometimes suggest Grimmy's just a placeholder for Greg at breakfast, but I don't think he's anywhere near ready yet. If he develops in this slot for a couple of years though, he could be a cracking future breakfast host.

P.S. The Going Home is THE best radio feature ever.

SPECIALISTS (v. strong, 9/10)

Zane Lowe - continues to host a fast-paced and passionate show. Hopefully he won't get shunted because of his age soon. He's still relevant and there's no other show like his.

Phalice - As others have said, they are a very impressive pair of newcomers, and Alice is a radio natural. I can see bright futures for the pair of them.

Annie Mac - Her Friday night show is reliably decent, but her Sunday show is really something else. The music is perfect and it's just such a fantastic way to round off the week. It's my favourite piece of radio listening. B. Traits is holding down the fort really well but I can't wait for Annie's return.

WEEKENDS (mediocre, 5/10)

Gemma Cairney - I like her, she's a really different and infectious broadcaster in my opinion, but she's clearly not for everyone. She has a really bad habit of cutting off songs three quarters of the way and sometimes halfway thorough though. Also, Chart Dog is a dire feature. Maybe she was suited to 1Xtra.

Matt Edmondson - Without question the saving grace of the weekends. A sharp and witty interviewer, and I like how he tailor makes features for guests. I can't wait for the inevitable promotion to daytimes. My favourite daytime show by far.

Huw Stephens - Not a daytime presenter. Oddly enough, I really liked his old 9pm show and he's fine sitting in for Zane or Phil and Alice. But at daytime I feel he comes across as really basic and limited. His indie bands can be really jarring next to Rudimental or Rita Ora too. I dislike how he is always used for afternoon cover since Grimmy got the breakfast show. Let Dev, Matt or Phil do it instead.

Jameela Jamil on the chart show - Meh. Better on requests.

Dan and Phil - Hated them to begin with, warming to 'em now. Much prefer Dan over Phil, who's just awkward at times.

Danny Howard - He's a good and funny presenter, but I can't handle the cheesy remixes of playlist songs he has in his show. I'd like a proper Dance Anthems for a Saturday afternoon.

To conclude, daytime has potential to be fantastic but has room for improvement, the specialist shows are in a class of their own, and weekends are quite poor at the moment to be honest. I'm 15, so I'm target audience, meaning all my points are perfectly valid. Thanks for reading (if you did..)

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Dev: I have a soft spot for him, his self-deprication is charming. He isn't brilliant and I don't think he is daytime material but he would be solid on weekends and an improvement on the mess that weekends are currently (more on that later...) He also gets through a lot of producers which can't be particularly easy but seems to build a decent rapport with them. Can't say I listen to him often but he always comes across well whenever he is on Grimmy's show as well.

Grimmy: I've been a big fan of his since I listened to his show with Annie Mac on a Sunday night and thoroughly enjoyed it when he covered for Scott and Greg. I still believe that week when Grimmy covered for Scott but had Beccy with him with an on-air role was some of the best radio he's ever done. Which shows to me he is the right guy for breakfast and he has MASSIVE shows to step into. I think there has been a definite improvement as the show has gone on. His strengths are his interviews and chatting with the team. They should get involved more heavily. I don't see the 1d obsession personally, I think Grimmy comments on celebrity culture quite cuttingly mostly and he doesn't fawn over teen idols. I also think showquizness is brilliant as it takes the piss out of him and the show as well as celebrities. I think maybe a co-host could help him or encourage a show closer to a zoo format. He's getting a growing portfolio of decent features and I for one really enjoy his show. There has also been a great range of guests hearing the likes of Russel Brand, Simon Amstell and Noel Fielding on the breakfast show is brilliant.

Sara Cox: Just wonderful and personally think it's a damn shame she's going to lose any role on radio 1 after this cover. She is so talented and witty and I think she does a good job with the young audience she sounds far from an uncool mum to me. I think at the least she should be given her sunday morning show back after this maternity cover ends. (Fearne is likely to have another baby people tend not to stop after one so it would make sense to keep her on so she can cover again!)

Scott Mills: Again excellent, given the departures of Beccy and TOTDS the show has stayed at its usual high standard.

Greg James: I will be honest, I tend to turn off my radio at 4.00 but I do hear bits and bobs of Greg. To be honest he just isn't very interesting, it's admirable that he has come from student radio and yes he has a passion for radio but he is bland. He doesn't tend to get the best out of guests, his features are largely poor and the good ones rely on others not himself (like the teacher) and he is very dull and inoffensive on the radio. In my opinon there are probably a hundred Greg James' on commercial radio over the country and he has striked it lucky to end up on Radio 1. There are some good bits, he works with Chris Smith and I heard him on 5 Live covering for Danny Baker and was impressed. His niceness and the fact that he is a radio personality not a TV personality are reasons that I think people give him a chance but I think it's extremely telling he didn't get the breakfast slot. He was given drive time and didn't do a great job with it.

Zane: Excellent and hope he isn't moved on anytime soon due to his age.

Phil + Alice: Heard very little of them but what I have heard has been promising. I enjoyed listening to Phil a lot when it was the expert take-over and he did drive-time as his personality came across strongly. A music enthusiast, good interviewer, amusing anecdotes and not afraid to offer his opinion.

Gemma: An absolute disaster with very few redeeming qualaties. I don't go out of the way to listen to her show so can't offer much specific criticism. Hope she doesn't get a promotion.

Matt: I'm not as enamored with him as everyone else seems to be, I think that's partly because I miss Sara on a sunday morning and he's the guy on instead. I find the show a bit guest heavy and I have little intrest in the guests he has on the show. He is definitely listenable though, I still think he sort of needs to refine his act as I think he is trying to be a bit like Simon Amstell on popwworld, intelligently taking the piss out of celebrity culture but he isn't quite there yet and I'm unconvinced how well that will work on the populist radio 1. That could be why we have a compromise between the Amstell act and him playing it straight.

Huw: An excellent specialist broadcaster who is engaging and enthusiastic about new music and good with music guests. A crap daytime presenter and his constant flow of covering daytime show is a mystery to me. I don't even get the sense that he particularly enjoys doing the daytime show and would much rather be playing his new favourite record in the evenings. I would love to listen to him doing that but definitely not his daytime show.

Danny Howard: I don't have much time for Danny and don't think he's a strong or engaging personality on the radio. However for a music-led show I suppose he's ok don't go out of my way to avoid or listen to the show. I would personally stick him on Friday and not have dance anthems. Or at least start them at 6.00 or 7.00. If we're thinking target market at 4.00-6.00 on a Saturday a lot of 15-25 year olds will have been out and about in the day and the people getting ready to go out for the night will be starting at 6.00 or 7.00 not 4.00. For me it's an odd time.

Jameela: I didn't mind her on the request show at all and thought she was ok, don't go out of my way to listen or avoid her. The chart is a non-entity for me which I don't really care about. She has attracted a backlash and I think in a sense she's been unlucky in that people strongly oppose to what she represents (radio 1 dumbing down and going younger, pretty TV stars been given jobs rather than seasoned radio professionals) rather than her personally. But I accept that some people also can't stand her which is fair enough. For the people who dislike her I think having her tucked away on the chart might be good news as chart presenters tend to stay on the chart and not end up on daytime (JK & Joel, Reggie)

Dan + Phil: Again it's a meh. I don't think there show is bad but wouldn't consciously make an effort to listen to them, I can see and appreciate the job they're doing for the station and think they do what they have to do and I would guess Cooper wants them to continue doing that job rather than thinking about them progressing through the schedule.

What I would do!

Bring in some new blood from commercial radio to improve weekend and offer options for day-time cover (I know I always say these two but I think they're excellent) specifically Alex Baker (Kerrang) and Eoghan McDermott (Formerly XFM) who would both fit in well at Radio 1.

Get Sara a regular slot when Fearne returns ASAP!

Persevere with Grimmy and don't even think about giving Greg Breakfast.

Try and keep Scott on as long as possible even if he's given a weekend slot (a la Jo Whiley) whilst he begins to do more work for Radio 2.

Don't think about moving Zane

Get rid of Gemma.

Move Danny and Huw to night-time.

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My 2 cents are...


Excellent presenter, listen every morning from about 5:15 until 6:30 during breakfast and driving to work. I think his features are brilliant, also his general demeaner is just naturally funny.


I did listen to his show almost every morning from 6:30 till about 8:00, but the waking up song started to drive me up the wall, and also I really think he is best when he just talks about random stuff instead of going on about his new diet and going to the gym - had enough of that rubbish from moyles. Overall I think the show is good other than waking up song and the 'showbot'. I should also mention that I enjoy how he is not afraid to buzz any songs which he doesn't like, and 'ding' and the good new music which he brings to the station.


I personally missed fearne when Sara took over, but have warmed to her since. I still preferred fearne but ideally I think Matt Edmonson would be brilliant in the time slot. I'm personally looking forward to her going to radio 2!


Needless to say that Scott's show is the best on the station, but then again this is unofficial MILLS' website, only came here originally for my love of Scott! I did love chapters and Laura and becks, but I still think his show is top quality. Generally don't get to listen live anymore but download the podcast every day and listen to it instead of grimmy in the morning!


I appear to be one of the fewer who love Greg's show. I text in all the time and phone for ask the nation often as well, I think iphe does a great job of engaging the listeners into the show with 'star caller', 'lady time with Greg and Chris', 'ask the nation', & 'open mic night'. I also enjoy how engaged he gets with his big thing, shows how much he loves his music and he's not afraid to be honest about songs which are a bit rubbish.


Nothing need to be said really, incredibly talented Dj who knows his music, listen 3 nights a week while at the gym!


not really listened too much, find her a tad boring really, seems to be mostly fashion tips!


Always loved his Wednesday night show and was pleased to see him get a better slot. Love his creativity and features. Very bright Dj I think we will see on weekday daytime soon. Listen to as much as possible.


i think he's a good specialist Dj but find him a bit boring, his features lack, don't really listen.

Danny Howard

Great Dj, got a great personality and 'push the tempo' is a brilliant show of his skills as a Dj.


i think she's alright, the chart show is quite a simple one really, just a rundown of the chart, I would like to see how she faired when on her own proper show!

Overall still love radio one especially the new music they bring to light!

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Firstly im 20 years old and used to be a big fan of Radio One.

Part 1.

Here is what I think of the current shows.

Dev: I can honestly say its hard to believe someone can be on the radio with such a strange voice, he stutters his way through his show saying umm and awkwardly pausing throughout, Im sure he is a really nice guy and sounds very friendly, but not for radio in my mind - more for a Billboard.

Grimmy: Just not likable enough for such a famous show. The show sounds like an advert for how not to do a radio show. Show Quizness is the only thing floating this otherwise sinking turd.

Sara: Really great '10 years ago'

Scott: The only show I can truly say is worth listening to throughout! Chris is equally funny. Its 10/10 entertainment, and proof you dont have to be fresh out of diapers to appeal to a breast fed target audience.

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