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  1. I think this is a great move all round, this way Radio 1 should get a breakfast show with a bit more clout and a host hungry to be in the hotseat, while Grimmy will get a prominent slot that plays to his strengths better. I reckon Grimmy's underrated on here really, I think his time on nights, daytime cover and first couple of years on breakfast were brilliant and justified his promotion over Greg in 2012, to be honest. I do think his show has been on autopilot for a few years now though, it just feels like the team have no real ideas for it and want any excuse to stick on a mix for an hour or so. I feel like Grimmy's like Sara Cox in that he's at his best when he doesn't have to stick to a script, so if he's given less of a straitjacket and a decent features producer, I think afternoons should be a return to form for him. Greg's probably a bigger name than Grimmy and has obviously been angling for this job for years, so hopefully this will mean we'll get a breakfast show with more prominence, like the Chris Moyles Show. At its worst, Grimmy's show sounded like any other daytime show. I want Greg's show to sound like a proper breakfast show plz
  2. So it looks like Dev's also in for Huw again tonight, this time because Phil's in for Annie instead of Huw who should be in for Annie (still following?). This is great news for me, I think Dev handled the specialist slot brilliantly yesterday, in that one show he did a better job of convincing me that he actually listens to new music than Fearne has ever managed over the last five years. The situation reminded me a bit of Grimmy when he was on nightimes, which was basically a daytime show with a free playlist broadcast in the evenings.
  3. Post-Moyles, what I personally think Ben Cooper should've done was given Scott and Chris the breakfast show, with Grimmy replacing them in the afternoons, before moving Nick up to breakfast when Scott's contract expires. This way, Scott could have gone out on a high with an excellent breakfast show, and Nick likely would not have faced the extreme backlash he experienced to begin with, as he will have had a chance to establish himself properly with a daytime audience. This summary is spot-on. As it is now, I don't think Scott needs to move to breakfast right now since Nick's show is improving alongside the listening figures. To be honest, this thread just feels like an excuse to fantasise about a Greg James breakfast show, which in my opinion would be slick and competent, but very, very bland. Sometimes I feel like Greg doesn't deserve drivetime, let alone breakfast.
  4. Hello, another occasional stealth browser and first time poster. Apologies in advance for the length. DAYTIME (pretty strong, 7.5/10) Dev - I know he's not the strongest broadcaster in the universe, but I have a real soft spot for Dev. He's got a wry and warm, but also honest style. I think this style suits his slot perfectly (that's a compliment BTW) and he's got a likeable (if slightly music heavy) show. Due to his perseverance alone, I think he should be promoted, but sadly I can't see anywhere he'd fit in the schedule. It's a shame as no-one wants to be on earlies forever. Nick Grimshaw - Beginning to feel like the only person in the world who actually likes his breakfast show. It certainly has its flaws, and it isn't anywhere near as good as his nighttime show was (that show was almost perfect IMHO), but as someone above said, I think Grimmy's getting a really hard time and is perfectly capable of presenting a good show. Just as Moyles was unfairly viewed as a boorish, sexist homophobe, people unfairly accuse Grimmy of being a terrible host infatuated with One Direction. Sure, there was lots of that in the first month to scare away the older listeners but now, he hosts a easy going show with a lot more personality Greg James could ever muster in the slot. It's just lacking in content sometimes and sometimes suffers from very poor ideas. If the producers could come up with decent features, it would be a fine successor to the CMS. Sara Cox - Agree with others. Such a shame her career at the station is hamstrung by her age. Scott Mills - Probably the best daytime show right now. Bizarrely his show's improved since the demotion, but that's not a complaint. Greg James - My opinions on Greg change almost daily as I find him so hit and miss. His everyman personality really makes me want to like him, but at the same time he can be so incredibly dull. He can also come across as a touch smug occasionally too. As others have said his passion for radio really comes across, and he's very good at connecting with people my age (I liked how he recently compared some stuff coming up on his show in the week to "announcements in school assembly"), it's just he can be very bland and a tad unfunny at his worst. He seems to have lost the livewire spark he had during the early breakfast years. People sometimes suggest Grimmy's just a placeholder for Greg at breakfast, but I don't think he's anywhere near ready yet. If he develops in this slot for a couple of years though, he could be a cracking future breakfast host. P.S. The Going Home is THE best radio feature ever. SPECIALISTS (v. strong, 9/10) Zane Lowe - continues to host a fast-paced and passionate show. Hopefully he won't get shunted because of his age soon. He's still relevant and there's no other show like his. Phalice - As others have said, they are a very impressive pair of newcomers, and Alice is a radio natural. I can see bright futures for the pair of them. Annie Mac - Her Friday night show is reliably decent, but her Sunday show is really something else. The music is perfect and it's just such a fantastic way to round off the week. It's my favourite piece of radio listening. B. Traits is holding down the fort really well but I can't wait for Annie's return. WEEKENDS (mediocre, 5/10) Gemma Cairney - I like her, she's a really different and infectious broadcaster in my opinion, but she's clearly not for everyone. She has a really bad habit of cutting off songs three quarters of the way and sometimes halfway thorough though. Also, Chart Dog is a dire feature. Maybe she was suited to 1Xtra. Matt Edmondson - Without question the saving grace of the weekends. A sharp and witty interviewer, and I like how he tailor makes features for guests. I can't wait for the inevitable promotion to daytimes. My favourite daytime show by far. Huw Stephens - Not a daytime presenter. Oddly enough, I really liked his old 9pm show and he's fine sitting in for Zane or Phil and Alice. But at daytime I feel he comes across as really basic and limited. His indie bands can be really jarring next to Rudimental or Rita Ora too. I dislike how he is always used for afternoon cover since Grimmy got the breakfast show. Let Dev, Matt or Phil do it instead. Jameela Jamil on the chart show - Meh. Better on requests. Dan and Phil - Hated them to begin with, warming to 'em now. Much prefer Dan over Phil, who's just awkward at times. Danny Howard - He's a good and funny presenter, but I can't handle the cheesy remixes of playlist songs he has in his show. I'd like a proper Dance Anthems for a Saturday afternoon. To conclude, daytime has potential to be fantastic but has room for improvement, the specialist shows are in a class of their own, and weekends are quite poor at the moment to be honest. I'm 15, so I'm target audience, meaning all my points are perfectly valid. Thanks for reading (if you did..)
  5. 1. Sara Cox-Hilariously funny and random and deserves a better slot than the one she has. 2. Dev-Really improved since starting on earlies and has made the show his own. Have heard many moments which have been genuinely funny. 3. Reggie Yates-Chart and Request shows work really well and the Sony nomination proves this. Wish his shows weren't so tightly formatted so he could show what he's capable of. 4. Scott Mills-Consistently entertaining. 5. Chris Moyles-Goes through his cycles if brilliance and rubbishness. When he's good, he's GOOD, but he can also be very dull and rely on laughter from his team members. 6. Greg James-Was excellent on earlies but became very bland on afternoons. Occasionally has his moments now and again, but mainly sticks to extremely dull stories about his life. 7. Huw Stephens-Wednesday night show was fantastic but isn't much cop on weekends. 8. Edith Bowman-Alright when she isn't going on about films. Which is almost never. 9. Fearne Cotton-She's not terrible, just not good enough for a weekday show. Should swap slots with Sara Cox. Can't say much about Vernon Kay as I'm listening to the far superior Adam and Joe when he's on. I like what I've heard though. If I could rate Grimmy, he'd be third after Dev and Matt Edmondson would be in the top five.
  6. I was beginning to think that I was the only person who thought this about Dev's show. Admittedly, he wasn't much cop when he started, but he's improved massively and I just don't understand why people generally don't like him. His style of broadcasting really suits the early slot and he doesn't seem to try too hard to be funny. I just hope the Radio 1 bosses don't pull a Greg James with him and promote him too soon, because if they gave him a few more years on the earlies, he could be one of the best daytime presenters on the station. Greg however, could've been but he peaked too quickly and sounds like he has nothing to talk about. Shame, since he used to be brilliant.
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