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X Factor 2012!


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I dont blame the poor guy. Feel sorry for anyone who has to suffer both that man and that show! Its a complete slap in the face to anyone who ever actually worked their arse off for years to get into the industry.

And I won't sit down,

And I won't shut up,

But most of all I will not grow up <3

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Rylan's more entertaining over Christopher any day.

Although I like his Captain Jack-esque coat, he's boring (Scott doesn't like him either, 'too cruise ship') and Rylan's this year's Wagner / Jedward / Jonny Robinson. The X Factor is NOT a serious show imo. The other people on the show, who are all like 'it's my dream, my whole life', it's obviously not, because they haven't made much effort in trying to go about getting into the music business via serious means. That bloody Ella's the worst.

OMASM. Radio presenters are like fruit. Matt is my kumquat and Scott is blatantly my orange.

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