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Hundreds of John Peel shows available for streaming


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'John Peel's record collection has already been digitised, and now, hundreds of his live BBC 1 shows have been, as well. SoundCloud user +dB has uploaded 458 radio episodes from the late DJ, comprising more than 900 hours of music. The episodes date from 1967, when Peel was at Radio London, to 2004, when he completed his final shows for the BBC.'

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SoundCloud user +dB has uploaded 458 radio episodes

i've heard of this guy, basically he runs a site called 'mixesdb':-


not only are the peel shows on there, i've gotten some judge jules shows from there too. and there's a massive backlog of the essential mix going back to 1993 unless they have been taken down again.

on the grid.

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You ARE kidding? john peel was a brilliant presenter who died of a heart attack around 2004?! seriously....... that post is an insult to his memory.

I know he was incredibly influential but to be honest I'm not sure many people would know of him outside the UK. Heck even the younger generation (i.e. most of Radio 1's audience now) have probably never heard of him. Of course this is terrible but this will happen to everything at some point. For example during the Olympics ceremonies people were tweeting saying they had no idea who Paul McCartney was.

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