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So basically I kind of felt I had fallen out of love with Radio 1 about a year ago. Mainly because the playlist (most of it doesn't interest me. OMG I sound old I'm only 26 but I do have 3 children so I want to remain relevant) Blabbering on I know.

So obviously when Moyles left R1 I felt okay it's like loosing best mates. But I said Radio 1 is still Awesome. 

I love Greg,Scott, Matt and Dev and Zane. 

Greg I feel like most is now ready for Breakfast I love his Drive show. 

Mills obviously Legend and hats off to him for remaining relevant to the stations audience.  But can't help but think is his days on daytime numbered? 

Matt still enjoy his show I guess but every time I go to tune in at the weekend someone called Jordan North is on? 

Dev loved the weekend breakfast show at first and he still has a special place in my radio heart. But can kind of hear it in his voice he's ready to move on.

so next year it's the big one 50 years of the station we all love. Don't think they will be taking too many trips down memory lane.  Maybe just look to the future of Radio 1 Next Generation?

Greg James on Breakfast

Clara 10-1 

Matt 1-4

Alice 4-7


6-10 Jordan North

10-1 Scott

1-4 Grimmy? If he wants to stay?

4-7 Well your guess is as good as mine? 

What does everyone think?

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Yeah I think the above is more than likely something we'll be seeing sometime soon, but I'd love to see Dan & Phil return to radio 1 sometime soon as well as (everyone will kill me) Cel Spellman, his show has really grown on me lately and would really like to see him stay on either doing Sunday 4-7 or Saturday 4-7 too! 

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On 27/09/2016 at 9:19 PM, bensteele said:

And, sorry @Jacob_, but you can't call yourself a fan of radio if Cel Spellman is the kind of person you'd give more airtime to....


I listen to 3 shows on Radio 1 every week, Scott, Alice & Cel, those are the shows that have great presenters and content at the moment, I know where everyone comes from with Cel but he always has something going on on his show! So I will not be persuaded otherwise on this matter.

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I'm not sure at the above schedule and I will tell you why the main reason, the rumours about 1Xtra... If 1Xtra does get the chop then I can't see everyone from 1Xtra just being dumped, it would surely be practical to bring some of the presenters over to R1. So the question is that who would move and who would get the chop from R1/1Xtra?

I agree about Matt moving to Monday-Friday, 1-4pm, I think Scott's R1 days will start to end sooner than everyone would thought, Chris Stark will probably stay though. Clara I'm not sure about but she will most likely live on and so will Grimmy. I am however uncertain about Greg James, mainly because of the fact he is being linked to BT Sport's Australian Cricket coverage so he might end up leaving early as well.

For weekends, if 1Xtra does shut then I think it would be good the fill the weekend slot with 1Xtra presenters. I think Dev will go and be replaced by Ace and Nick Bright replaces Matt Edmondson in his 10am-1pm. I'm not sure about Alice because if Greg leaves then she would be in contention for replacing Greg, if she does go to weekdays then I think Adele will move to Alice's spot and Jordan North takes over the early morning show.

So at the moment I'm thinking... 4am-6:30am: Jordan North, 6:30am-10am: Nick Grimshaw, 10am-1pm: Clara Amfo, 1pm-4pm: Matt Edmondson, 4pm-7pm: Alice Levine

And on weekends.... 6am-10am: Ace, 10am-1pm: Nick Bright, 1pm-4pm: Adele Roberts, 4pm-7pm: (Sundays) ?

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I'm not sure 1Xtra, the only diverse black programming across the BBC, will be closed. I'm all for it, actually, and think it's brilliant. The presenters are often better, kinder and more musically swotty than on R1. 

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embarrassingly, misspelling: "then" corrected to "than"

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