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    • Jordan talks of his move on the Weekend Release edition of Help I Sexted My Boss but doesn't give much away that we don't know. You soon realise the only bit of all of this that is shock or sudden is Radio 1 removing him without warning.   It might have been nice for them to tell him even Thursday that that show was his last.
    • It's not the craziest idea, ha. 
    • We’ll be getting a Sian Eleri and Jack Saunders pairing at breakfast next! 😂
    • Make that the forum motto 😂 Whatever you expect to happen there's usually a curveball. Nobody predicted Vick and Jordan pairing in the first place! 
    • Interesting comment on Chris post from Jordan. "Mate, I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for all your help and support over the past few months, wouldn’t be here without you! ❤"
    • Vick and Katie could still be a thing, but Katie is good by herself. There's still a lot of good talent on R1 remember. James could have easily done drive with Vick, but replacing a Jordan v2 might be too jarring. I'm on nights here and listening back to Nat and James' show after he posted a clip on his instagram. He's naturally funny without trying and when the caller doesn't pick up and ruins the game, it isn't cringe, he actually styles it out with the music backing and says, right we'll just block you then. Reminds me of how scott would deal with it. Disappointed that Mollie and James isn't a thing again and its just Mollie solo as they were really good together, but then he's on the show himself the next day
    • Very good point.   What is Katie's future now?  Plus she is bound to be hurting?  She doesn't need Radio 1.  More TV work? Higher profile role at another radio station....   I have been a Radio 1 listener for 30 years and can never remember the situation that has arisen with Jordan..closest was Chris Evans' disappearing act in 1997 but that was quite different.
    • She’s one of the biggest assets to the station that could have a more prolonged career at the station than a fair few of those who currently on daytime. One with Jordan’s departure could risk losing.
    • True that. If he does get to take on a show permanently it would likely be when the next major presenter(s) leave daytime or even likely to leave weekends.
    • After last Friday the one thing we have learnt is that all our speculation means nothing 😛 
    • James cussack must be next in line for a show but I don’t know where he would go now 
    • Whatever management feel, I imagine the past week has been very tough on many of the presenters as they are actual friends with Jordan and whilst they will have known what was going on the suddenness of his exit will have hit them.  Katie probably knew nothing of Jordan's axing until she was listening to Newsbeat immediately before her show last Friday.  I genuinely felt sorry for her as you could tell she was shocked and upset. It's such a shame they didn't get to do breakfast together.  Their breakfast shows last summer were some of the best radio I have heard in years.
    • Now changed to say that James Cusack is solo on the 3rd March. I noticed that on the 11th March that there is a generic Radio 1 Breakfast placeholder but the rest of the week is normal. May suggest that someone is covering Breakfast that day.
    • Nice reference from Greg to Jordan when talking about Sparks FM to Chris Howard. At least they're not treating him like he's dead to Radio 1 😂
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