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New Streams Incoming 🚨🚨

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Read on Radio today that over coming weeks about ten new streams will launch on BBC Sounds much like Radio 1 Dance and Radio 1 Relax. First announced that will be launched is Radio 1 Happy and Radio 2 90s. Hence why Radio 2 is having 90s day (Puts then with Absolute and Heart with an 90s channel) and why likely Easter Saturday is ‘Happy Day’ you could call it that. Could there be Radio 1 Future Sounds stream? Time will tell

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6 minutes ago, Ash101 said:

I don’t think these are going to be streams like Relax or Dance.

They’re already on Sounds under the Music tab, it’s just a collection of playlists? 

Yes think the presser came out today. It’s bit confusing message around it as they’ have been available for a while giving it names like Radio 1 Happy and Radio 2 90s made me think too much of established Radio 1 Dance and Radio 1 Relax. I don’t exactly see the point and some people may just see this as competition with jukebox radio stations. Wasn’t entirely clear. Think with most songs on such playlists have radio play on BBC and are on peoples playlist and on commercial jukebox stations don’t see the point of creating such collections of shows

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