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Is Aled the best boss Radio 1 has had in years?

Darren m

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34 minutes ago, radio247 said:

perhaps but he is blamed/credited for the three-day weekend schedule which was one of the worst scheduling moves for years

It's a tough one that, because yes personally I was/am not a massive fan of the 3 day weekend idea. But you can understand the logic. At the time, you had Dev, Alice & Matt all pushing 5+ years on the weekend line up, so this move managed to give the schedule a shake up while giving them a 3rd day on air. 4/3 split does seem much fairer on presenters and production staff wanting to earn a 'full time' wage.

However - I do think the better idea would've been to start the weekend at 1pm on Friday. Scott is already displaced by doing the chart, so having Matt & Mollie on that slot works fine. I'd like to see RMC follow on from Greg on a Friday now. But I don't think that will ever happen, as they'd have used this week's changes as the time to realign that.

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There's definitely been a need to freshen up the daytime schedules for a while, I think it might have happened sooner if it wasn't due to the pandemic. Aled clearly understands what's needed to bring Radio 1 to a new generation, especially with all the experimentation around BBC Sounds.

The new line-up has definitely breathed fresh life into the existing shows - whether it's the excitement, or if they simply feel the need to up their game with new kids on the block...!

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