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How have you found the lockdown schedule?

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Inspired by Graeme's post in the chat box, how have you all found the new temporary schedule content wise? I have found it very hit and miss if I'm being honest, Scott's show has been great and I have really enjoyed the quiz which I hope stays even when the schedule goes back to normal. It also feels like Scott is playing fewer songs than what he used to in his normal slot so that's another positive. But on the other hand, I have found Clara's shows really bland and so different to Scott's every other week. I think them having to alternate is the main reason that I want the schedule to return to normal. 
At the weekend's, I do enjoy all three of Dev, Alice and Jordan even though I dislike them all only being on every 3 weeks, and also not having Dev and Alice on together. However, the content in all of their shows is good. 
Finally, I hope that Jack gets to do his show live in the studio again soon as it's not the same recorded and also hope that Arielle gets her weekend shows back again soon properly and not just Anthems! 
I'd also be interested to see what they decide to do with Maya's shows. Will Jordan just get them as expected, or could they possibly sign someone new? Or maybe even make a more drastic schedule change with many people being moved around? 
I'd be interested to see everyone's views!

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I’m missing the 6:30 till 7am bit of Greg’s show. Usually a space for a bit of random silliness and just a little “club” for those listening. It’s going to be a shame this week when we effectively lose the 10-11 hour to Anthems.

I agree it’s hit & miss on the 11-3 slot. Scott’s weeks are great, I like the golden moments & the quiz is great fun everyday too. But then Clara’s weeks leave a lot to be desired as they’re just bland shows. You could argue it suits the slot better though (work day etc) but I don’t want to talk Scott out of his show!!

Weekends. The rotation is fine, but yes, like you’ve said I do miss Dev & Alice being on together. How haven’t they made it work? Matt & Mollie seem to alternate who is at home/in the studio, so do Ricky, Melvin & Charlie.

Jordan’s shows have been great too, he’s got some really fun features. Ironically more regular features from his 1 show a week than Matt & Mollie seem to have running at the moment.

I do wonder if reverting back for the ‘normal’ schedule could be an easy way to make a few changes. Possibly to weekends yeah. 

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