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Age Range of R1 DJs VS Listeners


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Hi guys, first post here, hope it's a friendly community :)

Do you think the age of the R1 DJs and the audience is out of whack? Sometimes I feel like I'm listening to Radio 2 when they're chatting between songs. What's the average age of R1 presenters? Are most R1 DJs eventually put at R2 to paster or have some done other stuff, i.e. got big in TV presenting.

Sorry if this is a n00b question, I'm from Ohio and have only been here long enough to find the radio station I want to listen to while studying!

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Welcome, we're lovely! Mostly.

I don't think Radio 1 sounds particularly old at the moment actually, certainly not compared to six or seven years ago. There was a conscious drive to make Radio 1 sound "younger" from around 2012, older DJs were demoted and left. The main presenters at the moment are on the slightly older side - Adele's 39, Grimmy's 33, Clara's 34, Scott's 44, Greg's 32, Dev's 33, Alice is 31 and Matt's 32. But I've never felt that as a 19 year old the stuff they talk about is uninteresting and irrelevant to my life. And it's certainly VERY different to what you'd hear from Steve Wright or Ken Bruce on Radio 2. 

Some end up at Radio 2, some don't. At the moment Radio 2 has a lot of bedblockers - people who were on Radio 1 in the 80s and 90s who have been on Radio 2 for ages as well with no likelihood of them leaving anytime soon. So there's a bit of a waiting list - Sara Cox moved directly from 1 to 2 in 2014 and has only just been given a daily show, Jo Whiley got a daily show pretty much straight away, and Scott's starting to pick up a few shifts there as well. But other ex-R1 DJs never made it across - Moyles hasn't yet and might never, Edith Bowman didn't, Vernon Kay, Reggie Yates etc. It's not a guaranteed thing, but it happens for most if they wait it out.

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10 hours ago, Graeme said:

I’m 30 so I’m bad for radio 1!!

but I can’t stomach radio 2 - at all!

I'm 38 and love R1 still

Hi and Welcome 

I have listened to R2 recently as well but Ken and Steve Wright sound so old, like Sara Cox on breakfast when she covers 

R1 presenters are great as they are in touch with all listeners, and their shows suit such I think

And considering they have just given 32 year old Greg the breakfast show says allot, replacing a 32 for a 32 

When Moyles left he was 38 and it was said at the time had he been replaced with 37 year old Mills at the time, it would have been like for like, so they replaced him with 27 year old Grimshaw, so the ageist thing has gone and I think an element of it all is Aled Jones's input 

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