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Your Views: 1st to 5th August 2011 !! :-)

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Hot/ cold/ lukewarm views go here !!

First of all, PLEASE check out Producer Laura's wedding picture... - how BEAUTIFUL does she look - LOVE the touches of red. Love the shoes. WOW. So unusual. http://yfrog.com/gy8wvdhj

The preps. continue for the Edinburgh Festival. Woo hooooo.

Heard on Radio 2 yesterday morning that this is actually THE FIRST YEAR for cabaret ever at the Festival, which is why R1 must be getting involved.

I actually find it astonishing that Cabaret has never been picked up @ a Fringe Festival before with such an array of shows, but it's apparently so !!

Also, this year Scott's friend is apparently at the festival @dinofetcher - he is in a show about human trafficking www.soldplay.co.uk - hmmm... no accounting for what goes into a Festival indeed. :-/

Bored with more childish theatre-type stuff? Bored with musicals?? Wanna see him? Click on the link!! :-0

attachment.php?attachmentid=5338&d=1312192384 - I thought I would randomly post this pic of a plane into the topic. Was out on Saturday, and this plane was flying so low I managed to capture it on my mobile !! *

* dead pleased !! Dunno why, but this so f* pleases me!!

Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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LAURA'S DRESS! :o It's AMAZING! I love the subtle dashes of red; it all colour-coordinates! They both look beautiful. Sounded like the best wedding ever, from what I heard. She's very lucky, hope she's happy!!

OMASM. Radio presenters are like fruit. Matt is my kumquat and Scott is blatantly my orange.

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