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  1. Been hanging around Beccy too much and he has prob decided to have a well deserved holiday:D but yeah he could be considering or making plans if he has already decided.
  2. If it's Vernon and the team should be ok,if not then prob won't be up to much.
  3. Think if Moyles and mills left would prob listen to a non Uk radio station or have a few years worth of podcasts
  4. Guess have to watch this space then to see what happens:D
  5. Don't know why they didn't do them this year as they did them last year. This year hardly heard any of the show normally rely on podcasts and listen to them again if good ones.
  6. So many brilliant bits of that video if the cow had pooped on Fearne would have been worth a Sony:D
  7. Fearne milks Fearne have a watch and discuss:D
  8. I liked Ellie Goulding's set better than Gaga's, although Gaga's was good minus the Jazz bits which I think spoilt it.
  9. What did he say when he started show was fine till just after then then started buffering so missed it
  10. Yeah have got a few people to do it and posting all over, nearly time for show have to see what happens am listening now.
  11. I love the idea of ScottMillsSpam as it isn't a bad thing and all we need is a shoutout or 2 to get more people using it regularly again, I'm off work today so will be able to be online during show tonight instead of on mobile. Could be a great show today, am looking forward to seeing if it is even mentioned. Or maybe we will be named/shamed/blocked lol
  12. Loved 8th April Dionne Podcast was a good laugh!
  13. Don't have to keep listening though if does get too much as you check your number "We will email you to say if you have been lucky or not between Tuesday 12th April and Thursday 14th April - please check your spam or junk mail folders if you do not hear from us by this time. From midday on Thursday 14th April you will also be able to check online if you have kept your personal registration number."
  14. Just have to get used to shorter podcasts now they are back to normal slot.
  15. Don't do it! I tried local radio for drivetime didn't end well, couldn't stand the adverts for more than couple of minutes did classic fm and radio 4, but most evenings just read book or podcasts instead!
  16. Think Scott said before that TOTDS isn't good with mornings
  17. Great Pic :-) Haven't had chance to listen to it yet shame no video of it
  18. Yeah show def picked up from Tuesday pity they weren't on at 4pm as well would have been a great week lol
  19. Was a lot of music on this morning which not used to with moyles especially the first 30 minutes, overall did like it especially since got mentioned :-), Grimmy well maybe with 2 weeks of him might actually grow on me but after a bit switched to local radio then bounced around ended up listening to classic FM for last 10 minutes of journey!! haha
  20. Love watching as well as listening to them, took me a while to get the red button coverge, they didn't once explain where to go to get it which i thought was bad and text/tweeted them but still din't do anything about it. I went on to bbc news and radio1 on red button, but no link there to correct one. Enjoyed the coverage although wished they had done other stuff instead of just their normal stuff, yes there was some other stuff but was hoping for more. Also they should have left microphones on for tv coverage and would have been nice to introduce everyone who was wondering around the studio.
  21. Agree not big fan of critic's all much the same, switched off when he came on.
  22. Hardly ever listen after Scott's show in evening and same for weekend, except the surgery. Think maybe listening to podcast for next 2 weeks as has Nick Grimshaw down for doing Scott's show :-( Was hoping for Sarah or Gregg.
  23. Hey everyone, am enjoying the commentary on this did start watching it on youtube last Friday but without the commentary isn't anywhere as good.
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