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Nick Grimshaw


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Just thought I would say I'm loving Nick's show at the moment! I think he has a great presentational style, and just generally enjoy listening to his show.

How do you think he'll cope with Scott's show this week? Hopefully he will be as good as he is on his regular slot.

Latest additions:

- Full Imaging Beds package (2009-2010)

- 2009 re-voice by Music4 (DRY+WET IDs, chart numbers 1-40)

- BBC Top Gear - Backing beds used in programs

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As far as the whole takeover is concerned, I'm not minding it too much.

Zane's presentational style is alright on breakfast, I find him entertaining when he's talking about things and bantering with the others in the studio and its very clear he's got a lot of energy and enthuisam for what he does, which definitly helps. Having said that I don't particualrly like the music he plays as a lot is more band and rocky orientated and I like dance and chart although I do know that there will be more dancey music from time to time such as Swedish House Mafia and Example.

Annie and Huw I both like quite a lot. I would much rather have Annie on in the mornings instead of Fearne permanantly and Huw is just as good after lunch as Greg is. I've not listened to much of them yesterday and today because of work etc, but they seem to be a little more diverse with their music than Zane is and perhaps lean a bit more to the kind of things on the playlist than he does and this is more than acceptable in my opinion.

Nick however I haven't listened to, and my radio will be OFF after 4pm till Scott gets back. There is nothing about this guy that makes me want to listen to him. I don't like his "uber coolness" or the sound of his voice, and I am almost certain that I will not have any time for his taste in music either.

If its a specialist takeover get Westwood to do a similcast on R1 and 1Xtra, its been done before. Not really a fan of "black music" myself, but to be honest I think the man is a damn sight more entertaining than Nick bloody Grimshaw. If Westwood couldn't/wouldn't do it then get Nihal on, nobody can say that a show with Asian music isn't specialist and again he is a pretty good presenter.

Not impressed with censorship

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