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It has been requested that a sub-forum is added for those who wish to talk about Radio 1's station sound and other geeky subjects.

As there appears to be a growing number of posts on this subject I have agreed to this. I will monitor the situation to see if the demand continues to be there.

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19 hours ago, Ryan Pannell said:

Does anyone know where I can find the theme tune music for Greg James’ a Ten Minute Takeover? I want the 30 secound countdown “pips” and also lovely soft music you hear playing when he’s choosing the tracks.

Have a look here 

It was done by Greg for the new breakfast show for the geeks 



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7 hours ago, Ryan Pannell said:

Thanks for that, I have come across that in the past but am looking to find the tracks as seperate pieces, to either stream or download. If anyone knows where this can be found or has any content, please let me know.

I have no idea where they will be try the production companies website alternately convert the youtube video to MP3 and cut it using an editor 

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