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  1. hey can I get some advice on how to get into the radio?

    Charlie Barnett

  2. Would love to ere more rap and less crap being played on radio 1 there was a faze that I enjoyed alot of the music being played reguarly on radio 1 but over the last couple months the music has been falling off. Jut bang on some good ass rap and it will all be gucci again.
  3. all of them they are the best and i am coming every single day. Went to Norwich a couple years ago for this subline event and it almost feels like yesterday. It makes me feel emotional sometimes tinking bout it broth. RADIO 1'S BIG WEEKEND
  4. Grimmy is my all time fave big up my guy. Always tuning in to listen to his utterly amazing words of advice honestly keeping me going atm with my job working in the coal mines.
  5. this sounds amazing buddy wanna hit up some duos on the old fn would love to talk more about the issue of geeky radio stuff, would love to here back from you lots of love charlie



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