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Blackberry vs iPhone


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Well, you do because the software isn't out until June...

And you'll need to pay for the iPod Touch OS4 upgrade, whereas the iPhone upgrade is free.

But you need to wait until June to get the brand new iPhone, anyway. There's a major hardware upgrade coming with improved camera, screen, battery, etc that is most likely getting announced at the big Apple event in June (and usually comes out soon after). With the new iPhone will probably come a new iPod Touch (which I also have, and it's immensely inferior to the iPhone) and everything else, so wait it out and get the new iPhone. If you can hold off until July, perfect.

You can get a developer version, you have to pay something like $99 to become a licensed dev.

Answering the OP, if you get an iPhone dual boot it with Android to be cool.

Personally I prefer my Blackberry over the iPhone but if you're dead set on a touch screen I would go for an Android over an iPhone any day.


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I have neither phone, nor have any desires to own them. However I can say that based on what I have been told by friends and people I work with, the iPhone isn't as good as its hyped up to be. One person in particular has told me his phone has spent more time in the shop getting fixed than it has with him.

I know this will be a controversial statement and 1 many will disagree with, but personally I don't see the appeal of either.

Not impressed with censorship

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