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Long time lurker here, finally signed up!

And apologies for another one of these "which bed is this?" thread but...

Which bed is this?

Scott used to lay it quite a lot and then stopped using it for ages, so I love when it pops up on the odd occasion, but I haven't heard it since about September, Anyway, I've checked the usual websites but haven't had much luck. If anyone has any clue it is much appreciated!


(I've done a quick Audacity job to remove the talking from the clip, it's from an old podcast)

Radio 1 Bed.mp3

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23 hours ago, Electric Boogaloo said:

Thanks! Seems like it's gone from their site now though, but at least I have a name! :hahaha:

Huh, that's weird. Maybe it's from a different library, but I can't remember which. I've got a copy though, I'll send it you when I've got a moment.

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