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  1. Just signed it. Fingers crossed someone at R1 at least sees it.
  2. Thanks! Seems like it's gone from their site now though, but at least I have a name!
  3. Well I last heard it used in September, which was the first time I'd heard it in months, so I'd say it was used from around 2015 - 2016 regularly but I can't remember anything more specific.
  4. Long time lurker here, finally signed up! And apologies for another one of these "which bed is this?" thread but... Which bed is this? Scott used to lay it quite a lot and then stopped using it for ages, so I love when it pops up on the odd occasion, but I haven't heard it since about September, Anyway, I've checked the usual websites but haven't had much luck. If anyone has any clue it is much appreciated! (I've done a quick Audacity job to remove the talking from the clip, it's from an old podcast) Radio 1 Bed.mp3
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