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  1. Hear'Say... Whoooooooooooooooooo!?
  2. It wouldn't be the first time the Radio 1 bosses have done such a thing with their best presenter(s). Losing Scott would be a huge loss though, simply down to the fact that he's head & shoulders above anyone else there imo. As regards with Scott moving to Radio 2 in the near future, it can happen and I think will work even if he has to adapt a little. But by the time/if he goes R2, it'll have a different sound to now. I think pre 1980 music will feature a lot less, if at all during daytime hours. Look at it this way, Radio 2 is a changing station even more so than Radio 1. How many presenters during Scott's Radio 1 years (or slightly before) work on Radio 2 now? Chris Evans, Simon Mayo, Sara Cox, Dave Pearce, Mark Radcliffe, Jo Whiley etc. Plus one off shows. Not only that but I think some long standing presenters will be moving on from there over the next 5 years to make room. Radio 2 took a big controversial decision with cutting "Sounds of the 60's", wrong or right they are moving to a different age themselves. They are aiming to pull in people like me, from their late 20's who've long outgrown Radio 1 to people approaching 50 now. I gotta admit they are winning me over as well.
  3. I've mentioned the same thing before but I doubt it will happen. Radio 1 seems to be ashamed somewhat of it's history, I have no idea why as they have had some amazing presenters through their doors over the years. A lot still work for the BBC too so it wouldn't be too hard to put something together. Coupled with the fact that the heiarchy seem to think the world began in 2012, the 50th anniversary will be low key I reckon. It'll just be some new artists doing a few "oldskool" songs in the live lounge from about 3 years ago. Strange to me. Because so many Radio 1 listeners have a much broader horizon than what the station gives out. Look at some of the requests for the 10 minute takeover, so many tracks from the 00s and some even from the 90s too. Not saying that should be their playlist as it's a station for new music, but it should make them realize that people don't just like Ed Sheeran and Frank Ocean (whoooooo!) songs.
  4. Too old for Radio 1 now, plus I can't imagine them putting Skepta and Stormzy on par with Jesus, like seems to be written into the Radio 1 DJ's contracts. (They'll both be like Goldie Lookin Chain in a decade btw) They made a great pairing 10 years back though, I'd put them on par with Mark & Lard but only about as half as close.
  5. Sure Hirsty used to be on (the far better) Galaxy network before. I recall Dave Clarke at breakfast being pretty good in the early 00's on there.
  6. The record of the week feature had been going years, Scott used to have it on his old 4-7 timeslot, even going as far back as Mark & Lard they used to champion groups like Radiohead and Kings of Leon (before Sex on Fire) on ROTW. It's better than track of the day, granted the DJ's have actually had a say in picking their choice.
  7. Whoooooooooo!!!? I wonder if this latest spammer has a tiny manhood?
  8. Streaming music services/youtube has generally been kicking radio in the balls since 2006. I do admit songs seem to linger a lot longer now, at least they aren't as bad as Capital for it. Radio 1 will drop the likes of shape of you into recurrents soon so it gets played but far less, you can rest assured Capital will keep it in their main list until about May.
  9. You can't rely on the younger generation to fill the void though. People 10 - 15 years younger than me do exactly as stated above, use technology to get what music they want when they want. They don't understand what a radio show is, because there's never been one in their world. My coming of age was probably from 1997 - 2005, and we had radio and music channels. That was it. Things are a world apart today. Radio 1 need to extend their age range to people from as early as possible to under 40. Look at it this way. I've felt alienated from Radio 1 since about 2009, and as of 2017 I'm 28 years old. I've tried Radio 2 but their local radio feel, and playing past it artists on their A & B playlists like Status Quo and Rod Stewart just doesn't cut it for me. It's a couple of genetations away, ABBA and Depeche Mode aren't my era. The only few I can tolerate is Simon Mayo, Sara Cox, Jo Wiley and Mark Radcliffe (if he's not doing the folk show and covering a daytime slot). And that's just presenter wise, the entire feel of the station is just 'sod anyone who was born after 1980'. And otherwise for Radio 1 is 'screw anyone who was born before '97'. That's a big gap and as I've said on here loads of times someone has to fill it. Because 25-40 is the youngest generation who seems to use Radio whatsoever. Looking at the comments on Radio 2's facebook page and the bitching towards anyone my age, it's no wonder we don't cross over.
  10. Now this is the type of shennagigans we've been lacking on here since 2007. I'LL ADD YOU ON MYSPACE.
  11. Chico off've Chico time off've 2006.
  12. Simon Mayo bought plenty of personality there before Jo Whiley took it on full time in 2001. Maybe restrictions were different then, but he just came across as the friendly bloke next door type of thing. I think that's why he's got such an esteemed timeslot on Radio 2 these days.
  13. It's a top track, I can't believe Radio 1 played that in recent times! I thought the last time that could of been aired, was maybe on dance anthems (the proper one with Dave Pearce). You have to relalize that the majority of R1's target audience wern't even born when that came out. I remember the big fuss when that got to number 1, infact I was listening to Mark Goodier that very afternoon in the summer and remember doing so. Everyone expected True Steppers + Dane Bowers + Victoria Beckham - Out of your mind to get the top spot, but Spiller beat them to it. It launched Sophie Ellis-Bextor's career and she's still getting her new tracks played on Radio 2. Radio 1 can do that still I guess though, hence why I love the 10 min takeover. Everyone requests older tracks. About 2 or 3 years ago Greg played DK and Epsilon - Barcelona on there. Said he couldn't remember it, he must of had his head in the sand in 2003 as it was everywhere that summer. I have old Mark & Lard shows recorded from then and it's on there. Some girl I know who's my age shared a bacefook post of her's from 2011 today. Not that 2011 was a long time ago in my eyes. But the instant I saw that, I imagined how I'd feel if I shared something from 2001 at the start of 2007, it would of felt an age ago to me.
  14. There's not been much of a massive advance with the world between the last 10 years compared 1997 to 2007 i think too. Broadband internet was around then, smartphones had just started to come through. Even many artists who are making music today (Adele, Justin Timberlake etc) seem to still be at the top of their game. Compare technology between 97 and 07, a massive leap. Artists like Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Stereophonics etc had faded by 2007 or completley finished. The idea of a mobile phone in 97 was a housebrick, the ideas and technology from 10 years ago you can still see today.
  15. Had a random discussion with my friend the other day and I wonder if anyone else feels the same. We're the same age there abouts, and we were talking about the fact that 10 years ago doesn't seem a long time ago. I'll put it this way. 2007 seems a blink of an eye away, I was on these forums. I have shows recorded from Scott that I actually remember listening to. I remember going certain places and doing things. Yet back then, 1997 seemed an eternity away. Granted in '97 I was 9 years old. But things seem to fly by, anything post 2010 has just moudled into one big blurr. Back in 2007 big world events like the millenium and September 11th seemed an eternity ago. Yet there's more distance between 2007 and now, than 2007 and things like that. I'm probably just old.