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    • Harriet Jaxxon is in for Charlie Tee on Saturday 20th July. Phoebe I-H is in for Jaguar on Thursday 8th August. Ore Olukoga is on 13.00-16.00 on Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th & Friday 16th August. Connor Coates is in for Charlie Hedges on Saturday 10th August. Charlie Tee is in for Jeremiah on Saturday 10th August.
    • Though it's probably not new news Jamie is off again this Thursday. And hasn't made it in on time today either.
    • Chillest Show now 20:00 - 21:00 with Radio 1’s England Warm-Up at 19:00 - 20:00
    • Paddy O'Connell in for Liza Tarbuck on Saturday 27th July OJ Borg in for Paddy McGuiness on Sunday 28th July and Sunday 4th August.
    • Alyx is in for Daniel on Monday 15th July.
    • Shame Benji B isn't joining Sian, think he has after previous dance weekends & they've done a good show together
    • Vick Hope will be part of the Channel 4 Paralympics team and presenting Paralympics Breakfast alongside Billy Monger so expect her to be missing Going Home in the last week of August and the first week of September. https://www.channel4.com/press/news/channel-4-unveils-ground-breaking-presenting-line-and-biggest-ever-broadcast-plans-paris
    • Dance Party Warm-Up with Danny Howard is on in place of the New Music Show on Thursday 1st August 18.00-20.00. Vick, Katie & Jeremiah are live from Ibiza on Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd August 13.00-16.00. Danny & Arielle are live from Ibiza on Friday 2nd August 18.00-00.00. Charlie Hedges is live from Ibiza on Saturday 3rd August 16.00-19.00. Charlie Tee & Jeremiah are live from Ibiza on Saturday 3rd August 19.00-23.00. Ore Olukoga is on 13.00-16.00 on Sunday 4th & Friday 9th August. Lauren is solo on Sunday 4th August 16.00-19.00. The Chillest Show is extended on Sunday 4th August 19.00-22.00. Jaguar is on Sunday 4th August 22.00-00.00.
    • New dance schedule kicks off on Monday at 9am and I see that Greg James is joining Arielle for the first hour! I assume this will be simulcast onto the Radio 1 Breakfast show and live (at least for the first show...?)  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0021276 Still not clear to me if Arielle will be live each day or whether it will be pre-record or a mix.
    • No surprise there's been objections. https://www.theguardian.com/media/article/2024/jul/10/radio-2-golden-oldies-spin-off-station-on-hold-amid-rivals-complaints
    • Thank you! One of my friends mentioned audacity and I’m trying that and not getting very far. I’ll give these a shot - thanks for helping 😀
    • I’ve used this before - https://podcast.adobe.com/enhance Adobe uses AI technology to enhance the audio (and in turn gets rid of background noise). Might be worth a go, but you’d need to extract the audio as it’s an audio only feature. 
    • I have no idea if it works but my Google Pixel 8 Pro is supposed to use AI to do it... could always see if it works.
    • Hello everyone - posting on here to see if anyone can help me. I’m going to be making a wedding video for my friend - I want to use one clip to start the video off of but there’s a huge problem. There is a lot of background noise which has drowned the lady’s voice out - does anyone know of a good app that can remove the background noise and make her audio a bit louder. I’m also hoping to extract the audio and put it as a voiceover.   any help is much appreciated! thank you
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