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Radio 2 Line-Up

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Hi everyone was just thinking about what would convince me to be a full time Radio 2 listener. Im not a big lover of channel hopping so would like something i can commit to. For me i have thought up a fantasy line up.

Early Breakfast- OJ Borg

Breakfast- Moyles if ever possible or Mills

Mid Mornings- Jo Whiley

Midday- Newsbeat style show with lots of listener interaction maybe Colin Murray

Afternoons- Coxy

Drive- Mills/Christian O Connell

Evenings- Edith Bowman

I know it will never happen but what does everyone think/ your own dream line ups?


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I'd personally want (and tbf expect if he wanted it) Vernon Kay to be offered a full time role at some point. Social Media reaction is in reality a small snapshot of overall audience, however... it's very rare a cover presenter gets an overwhelmingly positive response as Vernon does.


I think this wouldn't be a bad lineup in a few years


Overnights Owain Wynn Evans (from Salford)

Early Breakfast- OJ Borg (from Salford)

Breakfast-Sara Cox

Mid Morning- Ken Bruce for a little while longer... succeeded by Vernon Kay

Lunchtime current affairs show- Tina Daheley

Afternoons- Scott Mills

Drivetime-Zoe Ball


Jo Whiley and Trevor Nelson's show sit perfectly where they are 





















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