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Following up on Welovemoylespart2's post about Fantasy Christmas schedules, I was thinking, If you were the controller of Radio 1, what would your dream schedule be? What would keep you listening 24/7! Here's mine:


6:30-10:00: Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James

10:00-13:00: Adele Roberts (Feat. Live Lounge)

13:00-16:00: Matt & Mollie

16:00-19:00: Scott & Chris

19:00-21:00: Future Sounds With Annie Mac & Nick Grimshaw

21:00-23:00: Charlie Sloth



6:30-10:00: Weekend Breakfast With Dev

10:00-13:00: Jordan North

13:00-16:00: Alice Levine

16:00-19:00: Chart With Scott/Dance Anthems with Mistajam/Life Hacks with cel&katie.

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4-6.30: Maya Jama

6-30-10.00 Scott and Chris 

10-1 Greg James

1-4 Matt And Mollie

4-7 Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw 

7-9 Adele Roberts

9-11 Alice Levine


6-10 Matt And Mollie

10-1 Jordon North 

1-4 Charlie Sloth Rap Show/Cel and Katie 

4-7 Greatest hits with Huw Stephens\Clara Amfo 

7-Late 1xtra Takover/ Jack Saunders/Dev

not sure when: Chart with Mistajam? Or maybe Grimmy could do it. 

Sit ins 

Greg on Breakast and Drivetime 

Adele on Weekend Breakfast 

Maya Jama in for Adele or Greatest Hits

Jack Saunders in for Alice. Or Greg

Clara in for Matt and Mollie(if both off) 

Jordon to cover any daytime show 

Dev in for Maya or Greg.


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Weekdays (including Friday)

04:00 - Katie Thistleton

06:30 - Greg James

10:00 - Adele Roberts

13:00 - Matt and Alice

16:00 - Scott Mills

Monday to Thursday

19:00 - Nick and Annie

21:00 - Radio 1 Comedy

22:00 - Jack Saunders

00:00 - Huw Stephens


19:00 - Annie Mac

21:00 - Pete Tong

23:00 - Danny Howard

Weekends (excluding Friday)

06:00 - Dev and Mollie

10:00 - Jordan North

13:00 - Clara Amfo

16:00 - Cel and Maya

19:00 - MistaJam

21:00 - Charlie Sloth

23:00 - Phil Taggart


Jordan North to be cover for all weekday shows other than breakfast.

Scott Mills to cover breakfast.


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Line up is a bit thin nowadays but it would go something like this for me for a start ditch Friday weekend line up as it's stupid. 


4-6.30 Jordan North

6 30-10 Greg James

10-1 Katie Thisleton

1-4 Matt and Mollie 

4-7 Scott Mills

7-9 Jack Saunders 

Saturday and Sunday 

6-10 Dev

10-1 Radio 1's Greatest Hits with various future Radio talent 

1-4 Adele Roberts 

4-7 Saturday Radio 1's Request Show with Jordan North 

4-7 Sunday The Official Chart with Scott Mills 



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