BBC Radio 1 Has Twice Apologised To Staff Over The Maya Jama Twitter Scandal

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Article on BuzzFeed: %1%24s&

Doesn't look like she's a popular person up on the eighth floor...

This quote was particularly interesting: 


Another issue was some staff members trying to figure out why Jama had kept her job, while grime DJ Logan Sama's show was axed when racist tweets about black women resurfaced at the end of last year.

I'd imagine this was for two reasons: from an appearance perspective, it's more difficult to fire someone after three months than to fire someone before they even start, and also Radio 1 have placed a bet on her star continuing to rise and them hanging on the coat tails of that - if they cut her loose now, someone else will sign her up. She's much more of a name than Logan Sama, so they can't afford to let go of her.

I guess this explains why she was put on holiday for so long.

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