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  1. BBCR1_James

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    I can't see them splitting Matt & Mollie up. I think they will both be on together quite a bit I we Christmas but not separately. I'll probably be wrong though!
  2. BBCR1_James

    Fantasy Radio 1 Schedule

    Following up on Welovemoylespart2's post about Fantasy Christmas schedules, I was thinking, If you were the controller of Radio 1, what would your dream schedule be? What would keep you listening 24/7! Here's mine: Weekdays 6:30-10:00: Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James 10:00-13:00: Adele Roberts (Feat. Live Lounge) 13:00-16:00: Matt & Mollie 16:00-19:00: Scott & Chris 19:00-21:00: Future Sounds With Annie Mac & Nick Grimshaw 21:00-23:00: Charlie Sloth Weekends 6:30-10:00: Weekend Breakfast With Dev 10:00-13:00: Jordan North 13:00-16:00: Alice Levine 16:00-19:00: Chart With Scott/Dance Anthems with Mistajam/Life Hacks with cel&katie.
  3. BBCR1_James

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    There has to be a Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James on Christmas Day this year. Just because its his first year I think he would want to do it as well as the bosses. ...also really hope Jordan does New Years Eve Party thing again, that was quality last year.
  4. BBCR1_James

    Favourite shows

    Hi!....and Welcome Interesting list there....for me: 1) Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James 2) Scott Mills (and Chris) 3) Matt & Mollie 4) Jordan North 5) The 8th With Charlie Sloth 6) Adele Roberts
  5. BBCR1_James

    How R1 Shows are titled

    Very interesting changes. Yes I thought breakfast was going to be named in that way. Also surprises me they haven't added "Weekend Breakfast" back to "Dev & Alice" yet now they have finished drive time. Ultimately I think they are trying to create "Shows" rather then just the presenter/personality (as this is what happens on commercial - Capital is the same all the time just with different presenters). They want Radio 1 to have "shows" that people specifically choose to listen too.
  6. BBCR1_James

    How R1 Shows are titled

    Least this was consistent but I still think it has been done wrong. It should be..... Dev & Alice Arielle and Will sit in. Radio 1's Greatest Hits with Cel Spellman Jordan North Cel sits in for Jordan Matt & Mollie Jordan Sits in for Matt & Mollie. I just then thing when they are doing show features like "Get Your Clips Out" or "Best New Pop" the iPlayer version goes into the right show category so people can find it.
  7. BBCR1_James

    Schedule Changes

    At the end of breakfast today Greg said that he would be back on Tuesday after bank holiday but the schedule on Monday says his show is still on. Anyone know what's happening? Also....I always thought they should just do Weekend Schedule on bank holidays, just makes sense.
  8. BBCR1_James

    Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts

    I think this mornings shows was REALLY good. They nailed it. Balance between music and chat/features was spot on the type of music played fits what R1 is all about. You can really tell they care about this show because so much work has gone into to it to actually make it sound good. The jingles, imaging and 'highlights' and 'coming up' packages sound so smooth - this is something that I really hope stays and doesn't disappear over time with laziness. A little more interaction with everyone in the studio would be nice but I guess that may come when the show is not quite as busy! Really looking forward to tomorrow now!
  9. BBCR1_James

    How R1 Shows are titled

    Yes I agree. I think the consistency has been horrendous recently. Especially regarding cover DJs, I feel the BBC have allowed to many key people at R1 to have time off at once. It means we are getting random shows all the time.
  10. BBCR1_James

    How R1 Shows are titled

    Whenever there is loads of cover on R1 I always find it proper confusing how they title the shows... Do you think the show should remain the same with "sits in" in the subtitle or do you think the cover DJs show title should be used: E.G: When Jordan covers Adele, should it be... Adele Roberts Jordan North Sits in OR Jordan North Jordan Sits in for Adele I always thought the first one made more sense if Jordan is doing Adele's features such as new music friday or best new pop because then it means that all of this falls into the same section on iPlayer in catch up. I don't know, R1 just seem to be all over the place with how they are titling stuff at the moment anyway.
  11. i think a "Going To Work" song would be pretty funny start for the first few weeks. Then they can ditch it like "Going Home Song". But think that would really set up the kind of show it will be.
  12. BBCR1_James

    Radio 1 Podcasts

    Does anyone thing BBC Podcasts will ever be on Spotify? I always listen to Podcasts on there so find myself forgetting about the BBC ones every now and then purely because all my podcasts are in the same place (apart from BBC). Also, you cannot listen to BBC iPlayer Radio App with Sonos which is how I pretty much how I listen to everything. Just a hit inconvenient really. Would be nice for them to publish on Spotify as well as iTunes etc.
  13. really surprises me that Grimmy goes to DriveTime, not sure what that is going to be like. Breakfast with Greg is going to be really good though.
  14. BBCR1_James

    Schedule Changes

    I thought they were reverting to playing the Top 40 in full? Not enough time to do that in 1hr45? Glad to see Dance Anthems staying though.
  15. BBCR1_James

    The Matt Edmondson Show - Backing Music

    ahh interesting stuff. Thanks! just out of interest, how much do you think the BBC pay for a jingle package like this? Sure will!