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  2. And on the first year of breakfast - here is Greg's first drive show and the end of Mills first 1-4 show when they swapped, and what song was Mills playing at the end and into Greg's show - you guessed it https://ia801209.us.archive.org/33/items/20120301/20120301.mp3
  3. It’s been a fantastic year for Greg and for Breakfast for the station since the Moyles era began. This morning was fun. He got Beth, the voiceover girl on the jingles, to come on live and do some listener-requested announcers. I quickly noted her name (also short for Elizabeth) and Google’d her up. It was a bit tricky as I had to listen to a podcast about how they made the jingles last year, it didn’t include Beth. But I have found the following for Elizabeth Lishmund which I believe is her: Website - https://www.bethlishmund.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bettylish/ It’s nice to finally put a face and name to the jingle. If I’m wrong please let me know.
  4. I think the show is brilliant, and they’re really thinking about how to get young people engaged with great radio content, be it on socials in short form video, listening to the live output, or the shareable podcast. There’s no way anyone will beat the Moyles record, ever. Radio 1 needs to be a constantly evolving thing to survive in the audio landscape in some form, even looking forward 10 years. Greg is almost a breakfast stop gap, in that he isn’t a new, fresh, Roman Kemp type host, he’s a capable, safe pair of hands while Radio 1 decides what it’s purpose is in the future, and where to get its talent. I imagine some of this will become evident when Lorna Clark starts.
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  6. So it's a year since Greg opened with a TMTO what do we all think one year into his tenure on breakfast? I think he's making a good job of it and has turned it round from the stale old show with Grimmy, also he has made it him and you, 1 on 1 not Tina, not Sinade not Fiona, just you and Greg, its a complete contract to what was before I think he is a stayer, and as a geek he will definitely want to beat Moyles' record Very sad that Scott is not Dep anymore though as it was always great Should Greg have taken over from CM in 2012? IMO NO because it was a massive institution to follow and I think biding his time has paid off
  7. I wonder if the changes to the start time of ‘Weekend Breakfast’ will mean we’ll see a shake up to features and content in the show? For example, they open the lines for “Pop Luck” about 6:50 and play it about 7:15. I think the show is sounding quite stale already, so could probably do with it?
  8. Thought I would start a thread for us overseas listeners/UMers to share what part of the world (be as specific or vague as you wish) we're from and how/when we came across Scott Mills and Radio 1. I'm from Lansing, Michigan in the United States. We are Michigan's capital city and the state's third largest metro with an area population of 464,036, trailing Detroit and Grand Rapids. We have a major university, Michigan State, in East Lansing which is well known for it's academic and athletic prowess. Our local sports teams are the low-A (4 levels below MLB) Lansing Lugnuts (baseball) and the third division Lansing Ignite soccer club. I've been listening to Radio 1 for 5 years now and after listening to some BBC coverage of the 2014 World Cup, I eventually stumbled across Radio 1 and Grimmy on breakfast. It was when Scott & Chris filled in that I realized how much better they are. 😆
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  10. Yeah they don't sound right dong them
  11. https://ia800505.us.archive.org/17/items/ChrisMoylesShowTuesday20thApr2010Edited/20100420.mp3 (Chris stuck in New York show) Yeah but that never works Matt and mollie doing Greg’s features feels wrong. Feels quite unplanned and rushed- like they’ve been called in ten minutes before the show starts.
  12. The only time I remember something like that was when Chris was stranded in New York in 2010 because of the ash cloud (whooooo). I think Tina was there, Dom was stranded in France and Dave and/or Aled might've been there too. That only lasted for a day or two though, after that Chris managed to do the show from the SiriusXM studios. It'll be in some archive somewhere, if not I'll try and get hold of it. When it was the full CM show team minus Chris, usually Vernon or Sara hosted.
  13. Yes that was good - wouldn't have been right with him trying to do car park catchphrase and all Liked when he covered for Grimmy when he used to bring Innuendo Bingo and RONR over I used to like the first package Grimmy had with that theme and all, where as the later package was just poppy with Grimmy talking to Rita Ora and all his celeb mates I notice when he has covered for Greg he does do all of his features like Yesterdays Quiz and TMTO etc Also.... did Scott ever do a Moyles show with the Moyles team like Dave and Dom and Tina ? I know he did with Tina under Grimmy's tenure a few times specially when Grimmy went sick at the last minute
  14. Also worth remembering that Mills never really used much of Moyles' production when he covered - mainly just the beds and a few sung jingles but didn't really go in for the cheesy song or the longer out of news jingles if I recall. Even though it was called "The Chris Moyles Show with Scott Mills", it was just The Scott Mills Show in the morning with stuff like Dear Scott and Oh! What's Occurring. Which I think was better than Mills doing all of Moyles' features half-heartedly tbh, whenever he covered for Grimmy I much preferred the times he brought his own stuff over.
  15. That’s exactly why. And because it made more sense to keep a generic Grimshaw-like theme with Scott, so Greg could launch with a bang. Whereas with Moyles it was them trying to get away from the mammoth brand that was the cheesy song, and all of that format, sound, imaging etc.
  16. I Know when Greg was in the week before he took over breakfast at least one of the days Scott said when he was covering it that they were on one studio doing the breakfast show live Greg was next door doing a pilot show to time and Vanessa was there too doing her show on radio 2 Talking of which - during the week between Grimmy and Greg Scott used his breakfast package with all the Grimmy themes and all where as when he covered between Moyles and Grimmy he didn't is that because his Moyles package was the cheesy song and all which said "The Chris Moyles show with Scott Mills" where as Grimmys era ones were the same jingles and themes but sounded like to the causal listener it was Scott's show
  17. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Just came on here to say the same thing, rarely listen to Jack because indie's not my thing but he sounded really good tonight!
  18. Heard Ken Bruce earlier claiming he was younger because there at radio 1 😂 radio legend. Yeah weren’t they there a few months ago?
  19. Enjoyed what I heard of Jack Saunders tonight - his loud and much more fast paced delivery reminded me of Zane, compared to Annie's much more chilled out style.
  20. See Radio 2 are using Radio 1 studios while Wogan House has work done May see some inyteresting social media stuff from the DJs - maybe Sara and Scott hvaing a chat I wouldnt think they they will visit each other on air but maybe some social stuff to see
  21. Easily done So how does the hand over process work between presenters when they hand over like Greg to Clara for instance?
  22. Yeah I meant D, Must have pressed B because it was after A 🤦‍♂️
  23. I'm really happy for Arielle but still find the "Friday is weekend" thing confusing, now more than ever. Just have 3 different schedules for weekdays, Friday and weekends, easy as that.
  24. Wow, this sounds amazing, I've been waiting for something like this since 2013.
  25. josie88


    "F***, I'm lonely" by Lauv and Anne-Marie
  26. There are 6 studios shared with R1, 1Xtra and Asian Network. 82A and B are the 2 bigger studios and are mainly used by Radio 1 as that is the flagship station out of the 3, but another big reason? The Live Lounge! 82A Can't be used to broadcast during a Live Lounge because all the equipment for the LL (Such as the mixing desk etc) is in 82A, and as such the studio is full of the Tech Ops who are mixing and controlling the LL. Clara (and Fearne when she was there) always does her show from 82B. On the days when 1Xtra had a LL and R1 didn't Trevor would be in 82B and Fearne would be in one of the smaller studios. When Greg was on drive he would normally use 82B as well. Greg, Scott and Annie don't just use 82A though, if someone else has booked that studio then they will use one of the smaller ones. The chart has always been in one of the smaller studios, even when Reggie and Jameela did it. Greg only used to do the Chart in 82B because that was his studio at the time for drive. I did Feet Up Friday (Whoooooooooo?!?) with Dev back in 2014 and we were in 82B and to say the studios were only about 2 years old then, they were battered!
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