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  2. well that has to be it for Scott and breakfast then surely? well on radio 1 anyway Wonder if Greg is presenting any of the coverage from Glasto
  3. Matt and Mollie are also covering Greg for a few days in a couple of weeks - think it’s the Monday and Tuesday after Glastonbury!
  4. Last week
  5. Why would they replace Grimmy on drive after a year? unless Scott is off to R2 ? and Grimmy to 1-4 and Mike on drive
  6. It seems like the final nail is in the coffin for Scott covering breakfast then - he is there this week yet M&M covering so i'd say that's it for him and breakfast, the last official breakfast cover shift he did was 27/12/18 He took part in the show for the escape room and covered while Greg was taken so not really covering for Greg but kind of The lolothon you cant count that as breakfast cover as it's a special Thoughts?
  7. Whoooooooo??!! Is it Ozzy Osbourne Mark? Sounds just like her!!
  8. Where's this rumour from? Would be an odd move I think
  9. Anyone heard the rumour he's taking over the Monday to Thursday drivetime show in September? I liked his band Lower than Atlantis. As far as I know this is just a rumour at the moment, but I reckon Radio 1 could do with a new drivetime host.
  10. Last minute Jordan in for Maya this morning according to his tweet!
  11. I think the schedule could do with a bit of a shake up, personally i'd rather see something like Weekdays: 4am - Arielle Free 6:30am - Greg James 10am - Adele Roberts 1pm - Scott Mills 4pm - Dev & Alice Weekends: 6am - Matt & Molle 10am - Jordan North 1pm - Grimmy [not sure...] Possibly swapping Scott with R, M & C after a few more years? I don't think we need Clara or Maya. I'd quite like to see Jordan on a daytime slot, but I am not quite sure where to put him. Unless he gets drive with Dev & Alice taking over from Scott - I really enjoy the style of their show at the weekends right now. But I kinda feel it'd be miss-understood by a casual listener who might not understand their 'banter'. I'd probably also ditch this 3-day-weekend thing. Have Greg & 10-1 on 5 mornings a week, with maybe the same afternoon show on Fri-Sun and Scott still on the Friday chart.
  12. I have to agree with the playlist. It’s so predictable with the same 6 songs played in a loop. I listened non-stop from 7am to 7pm recently and felt like screaming whenever the same songs came on repeat - Dua Lipa is forever on as is that Stormzy rubbish. I may not be Radio One’s ideal listener age but I’ve always stayed loyal. Scott and Chris are the best show on and Jordan is a breath of fresh air. Greg is definitely an improvement at breakfast time. Although some of his live broadcasts are poor. The sheep racing was agony to listen to with pop star puns my 8-year-old would make. I like unpopular opinions though and cried with laughter (and shock) that someone could diss Alan Partridge! Matt and Mollie are growing on me as are Dev and Alice. Please don’t get me started on Maya Jama - worst presenter ever!!!!
  13. YES it does need a refresh. I feel in recent years R1’s purpose has changed. Looking back at schedules to around 2013/14/15 time it seemed to be hiring YouTubers and new young djs as it were the BBC’s Radio twin to CBBC. I think at times Radio 2 sounds more apeeling to me. I first heard Radio 2 years before I even knew about Radio 1- it was by mistake I found R1. My local station was too crackly so I flicked about the dial to find another pop station.. then I came across Radio 1! Wow I was impressed. The djs were amazing and the tunes were top notch. Fast forward to 2019... There’s Greg on Breakfast he’s always silly and cheerful but he lacks the laid back constant zoo format of The Chris Moyles Show- I have never found another radio show quite like it! With Chris and Dom back on Radio X. I’ve followed them at last. I still listen to radio 1 now and again for Scott and Dev and Alice. I’ve noticed it’s mainly rappers in the playlist now. Unless a famous pop star brings out something. another thing driving me away is Matt and Mollie! They’re good but I just find them a bit too random for the weekend breakfast show. I miss Dev and Alice’s weekend breakfast show- it wasn’t the best well received but I was a huge fan. I loved waking up to them they were actually funny unlike Matt and Mollie who always seem to bounce of themselves or Ali Plumb(I always seem to wake up when he’s on) If radio 1 were to swap dev and Alice with Matt and Mollie. The weekends would be fine again. Compared to global’s stations- I barley know anyone who listens to Radio 1 aside from you lot on here. I think they should sign Arielle and Jordan to do daytime. That would be brill!!! I feel like Scott’s entering his last few years at radio 1. (😭 he made me return to radio 1.)
  14. Yes I agree - I love Zoe on R2 because she includes her news reader and other main presenters in the room so they work as more of a team, kinda like Grimmy did on breakfast with Tina and Fiona I absolutely loved that connection they had and you could tell they were just themselves together on radio and genuine friends which was nice to hear. I think Greg is great for breakfast, I’d like to hear maybe more of an inclusion with Rosin and Chris to bring them into the show more!
  15. I quite agree with you about the features, they need to be fresher Clara to me is just boring, her show is very bland, and she maybe has became complacent in the slot, maybe she is the next change Greg did hint last week about something happening in the Summer with him but the breakfast show would work better as a team as opposed to just Greg, maybe with Chris Sawyer and Rosin getting involved more - listen to Zoe she has a good set up already, not knocking Greg as he totally should be on breakfast I find Clara and Scott's show too music heavy, Scott could do so much more but he's constrained by the playlist, and the amount he has to play to make up the last 15 mins of Claras show which is news - I also think a shift to R2 is coming Grimmy on drive, yes he is a bit better but in essence its the old breakfast show just in the afternoon Adele gets short changed, she deserves a daytime slot, and so does poor old Dev who seems to get the shittyist deals, early breakfast weekened breakfast, then gets paired with Alice which isnt that bad but after being the weekend breakfast host for so long its a bit like Mayo and Whiley scenario, although D&A have worked out much stronger on afternoons - Dev deserves Scotts show should he vacate, but i cant see it happening and more likely one of the newer ones will take it Same as M&M, Matt is old on the station now - he's been about for a long time now will he get a weekday slot, probs not Mollie may well go on to bigger things (Claras show maybe) Scott - his time is coming I fear, he is being shipped out gradually, first major sign is that hes no longer the breakfast cover, second is that he's being used on R2 and his own R1 show is covered The next will be he will come off for a week and cover a weekday slot on R2 and someone like Dev and Alice will cover his shows, and maybe Jordan cover the chart if it was SWITA he covered or maybe not if he covered for Ken he would do both on the Friday, who knows On that - Sara Cox hasnt had a full week off of drive yet has she? only bank holidays where a celeb sits in, seems we dont know who her regular stand in is On that too - she needs another half hour I think start her at 430 and finish SWITA at 430; I can see their schedule being revamed if/when Vine moves on and that slot abolished with Zoe extended to 10 and Ken 10-1 SWITA 1-4 and Sara 4-7 What we havent considered is the talent released from contracts by Heart, maybe R1 will snap up someoone from that pool as well for a slot Must be contract time soon? Listen to scott on those old shows posted he was far more riskay then and the one where he jokes about Moyles is priceless you can tell there is some issue between them in 2001 if only he could be that lairy now night time no issue, Annie fine, Kiss 3 brilliant and Jack wicked Kiss 3 may appear on daytime as well, 9-11 may be a bridging move
  16. People have been saying this sort of thing a lot lately, if I'm being totally honest I think that the whole daytime schedule needs an overhall. Clara is far less entertaining than other presenters who would work well in that slot, eg. Jack Saunders, Mollie King, Arielle Free, Adele (there are loads of possibilities to replace her). Honestly I think she's lucky to have lasted that long As much as I hate to say it, I think Scott's days are numbered. These days his show has just started to sound tired to me, he's still good but I think a jump to radio 2 and doing something different would be good for him. Either that or something big is needed to make it sound fresh again, eg. A new member of the team And Grimmy... he's better on drive, but there are loads of other presenters who would do a far better job in that slot, like Dev and Alice, or Jordon, or Adele. I always listen to MisterJam on 1xtra when I'm driving home because he's x1000 better, his show always has stuff going on and is so interesting (tbh I'd like him to replace Grim but that's unlikely). Finally, I think weekends need some new faces to come in full time. For the last 5 years there have been barely any new presenters at R1 and those who have started are progressing soooo slowly. They haven't had someone new on weekdays since 2015. I feel after having a big push on getting younger faces in, they haven't kept up that drive for younger listeners and it's all very comfortable. Tbh I feel like the station these days is aiming for an average audience of around early 30s in content, then late teens - early 20s in music style. It just doesn't quite 'work' But just my humble opinion. There are also bits I think work really well at the moment - I like Greg's show (though I think more games with other R1 DJ's and some more event radio would be good), nighttimes sound good (Annie, Jack, the kiss 3). Matt and Mollie and Dev and Alice are really good solid shows I think. Some changes would just make it that bit more fresh and really improve the lineup
  17. In the last few months I have been thinking that Radio 1 is often sounding quite samey day in day out, there’s nothing that distinguishable that happens very often to make you have to tune in. This might be a variety of factors and here’s my reasons for this: The Playlist - I feel like one of the problems with radio 1 is the reasonably small playlist of songs. If you listen all day you’ll probably hear an A-List song 3 or 4 times. Surely they should try and only play each song once or twice a day? It would make me want to listen longer anyway. The lack of events - This might just be because I got used to things happening at radio 1 eg. The escape room, the lolathon, last year Greg starting his show etc, but the last few months nothing has really happened if you know what I mean. Features - Somtimes I feel like there are too many features that are done everyday, Grimmys best song ..., Clara’s your song, Greg’s Yesterdays Quiz, Maybe a few new features are just needed every so often, I’d also like to see more games done on people’s shows, Matt and Mollie are the only people that really seem to do it. Change of schedule - Finally, it may all come down to the fact that over the last couple of years there have been many schedule changes resulting in lots of new shows starting and sounding really fresh. However, over the last few months, only Rickie, Melvin and Charlie have started a show and that’s in the evenings. Maybe another schedule change is needed quite soon? I’d love to see what other people’s views are on this!
  18. DC

    Old shows

    Some of you may be interested in these recent uploads of Scott on early breakfast in 2001. Radio 1 at it's peak about this point for me.
  19. Wow that’s a lot of shows. Looking at all the Brmb shows- can I assume your from the midlands? But wow there’s a lot of stuff on there!
  20. DC

    Alts to R1

    I like the idea of Kisstory but their playlist is a bit too narrow at times. There's a lot more classic dance/house/garage out there that people will remember apart from 'Robin S Show Me Love'. Absolute's Danielle Perry is pretty good post 7pm, but those 7 min advert marathons usually push me away to Jo Whiley on Radio 2 who's back on at 7pm now.
  21. I have a DAB tuner in my car so I can access Kisstory/Kiss/Absolute (since they binned it off 105.2)/Radio X. But coverage is really crap which is amazing considering I live 10 mile away from England's second biggest city, Birmingham. So usually go back to FM/MW for absolute or 5 Live when it breaks up. I actually have an FM tuner on my phone, but it uses the headphones as an antenna which is as good as a chocolate teapot. So with my 3 unlimited interwebs, tunein app. So it's a mix of all for me.
  22. This is really interesting. I find Radio 1 is doing what it should exactly be doing. But the playlist for the most part not for me now I'm nearly 31. I'm just not into Dave, Drake or Stormzy frankly. So Radio 2 is pulling me in with shows like Ana Matronic's Dance Devotion (sometimes covered by one of my old faves Dave Pearce), and Jo Whiley is sounding great back on evenings now. But they throw me off sometimes by getting scared of upsetting the over 50's, and diving back into the 70s and 80s all the time. Before my time and I have no interest in those decades really. It'll never happen, but in a perfect world Radio 3 and 4 should be merged. With a lot of "discussion" from R4 being moved to 5 Live. Radio 1 stay as it is. Radio 2 focus on us 30-50's with a 90's - now feel, with a touch of 80's but not OTT. With Sara Cox, Zoe Ball, Dave Pearce, Jo Whiley, Scott Mills, maybe Mark Radcliffe if he'd be up to it. And Radio 3 be a direct rival to Smooth, the 80's/70's/60's golden oldies, Motown etc with the likes of Ken Bruce, Steve Wright, Tony Blackburn fronting the pack. It would do well as their is a market for that obviously. But Radio 2 needs to be the middle man and full on cater for us in no man's land.
  23. Mark and Lard the absolute standout one for me. I grew up listening to them on afternoons, and just found them to be the perfect duo. Wasn't forced into liking something they didn't want to like by the heiarchy and was blunt about it on the air, just take for example their opinion of Pied Piper's "Do You Really Like It". It was their spoof phone ins that were brilliant too, loads on YouTube like Missing Words, It's a Mystery, Downcount etc. Lards classic cuts worth a listen too, my sides hurt for days when I heard what they did to Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis. I was truly gutted when they left, as I was about to finish school and was looking forward to being able to hear them more. There were some BRMB shows locally I miss too like the dancemasters one with James, but I did record a lot of that. I was going through a tough time late 2005 early 2006 and listened to the radio a lot to ease that up. Tim Shaw's Asylum on Kerrang radio was crude but good. And of course Scott's Radio 1 drivetime show about then got me through.
  24. DC

    Old shows

    I recorded a load of Scott mills for this site from 2005-2007. I plan to try and get them up onto my mixcloud but it's gonna take a hell of a long time. I have already got some local radio such as BRMB up on there, and my Mark & Lard collection too. I have so much Scott Mills to get on there though it's outrageous. Keep your eyes on it all though mixcloud.com/midlandanorak
  25. His times with Chappers and Laura, although I do still listen from time to time nowdays if I'm in the car. Laura's diary was fantastic. But as a one off's those prank calls were brilliant. I remember Radio 1 were going really annoyingly OTT with Mika circa early 2007, I frankly can't stand his music. Scott did a call to an estate agent pretending to be him doing a "rendition" of Grace Kelly which is in the archives on here and worth a listen. https://archive.org/download/ScottMills-EstateAgentRevengeCallmikaStyle122007/1-2-2007-estate_agent_revenge_call_mika.mp3 There's also "Brokeback Westwood", which left my sides hurting whilst everyone was looking at me like I'd gone mad whilst listening on the bus back home from Wolverhampton. https://unofficialmills.co.uk/download/brokeback-westwood-3rd-may-2006/
  26. Listening back to some of my old recordings of Scott from the mid 2000's has made me realise he's done 21 years on Radio 1, what other daytime jock can say they have done that? Incredible really and well earned. Radio 2 seem to be adapting well to welcome his listeners if he makes the permanent switch, I heard Jo Whiley playing Wu Tang Clan's Gravel Pit earlier so why not. Then saying that, that track is now 18 years old!
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