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  3. there is every year yet the rule is often broken or ignored. its the only reason i can think of as to why the radio 1 content for big weekend this year has been quite dire
  4. There’s signs around saying do not swear. From what I’ve seen on Instagram and Twitter anyway
  5. Last week
  6. i think with big weekend being fully live there was always the issue of swearing pre-watershed and a lot of the acts would break that rule despite being told not to, so maybe that’s why they aren’t broadcasting as live like usual? A shame indeed as I preferred the pre-2018 BW coverage but I suppose if it stops them from getting into hot water it makes sense
  7. The defently have cut back. It started with Biggest Weekend last year where not all the full performances were heard and there was no in-vision coverage of the presenters during breaks online. They couldn't even broadcast fully live during the Teen Awards as you had Grimmy and Clara Amfo voicing over and playing songs during breaks in a backstage studio rather than taking full live coverage of the awards hosted by Greg, Maya Jama and Mollie King directly and they didn't provide a live feed online or the red button.
  8. Yeah it just feels like a normal day tbh with a couple of live tracks thrown in every so often. A far cry from just 2 years ago when everything was live. Probably bbc budget cuts again
  9. May as well just watch it on telly or iPlayer. Nothing seems to be happening really on air 👎 .
  10. They stopped doing that from last year. Adele Roberts and Luke Franks are hosting coverage of the highlights on the Red Button.
  11. Doesn’t look like they’re playing out full sets then, that’s a bit shit tbh
  12. From looking at the set times and when everything is being played out on R1, it looks like the whole sets might be being played out but on a delay. That means that we won’t be able to see the presenters between the sets as the radio coverage won’t align with the iPlayer coverage which is a shame.
  13. It's Gregs standard jingles with new speech to say its sheep dash and all
  14. They'll have special imaging for it i'm sure.
  15. TBF it would put it in line with the weekend as well, although Adele would be short changed there because she would have two hours less a week, either that or Matt and Mollie start at 630 on Fridays I will be interested to see how Fridays breakfast show is imaged - being branded as an extra episode of Greg's show with M&M as guests
  16. Also here’s something small.https://radiotoday.co.uk/2019/05/heart-drivetime-show-presenters-announced-by-global/ Lucy who’s been hosting breakfast with Jamie for months now seems to be going quietly. Also it’s sad with the axe on local shows- those djs worked hard. Somebody big at global decides to axe what few local shows there are on these networks
  17. It's Jamie Theakston & Amanda Holden duo isn't it? Yeah interesting 6:30 til 10. I still think Radio 1 Breakfast needs to be 6-10 tho. Compete with Capital better.
  18. Seems Jamie Theakston has the gig - schedule has changed so they are 0630-10 to go up directly against Greg and all with all of this - one wonders, was Theakston the second choice and Mills was offered the gig? or was it lies from the Sun, something we will probably never know I suspect Mills was offered the gig, but the Beeb offered a new contract with Radio 2 cover Incorporated, wonder if Scott will still cover for Greg going forward and it's just M&M did it this time because of eurovision thoughts?
  19. Hey Aled, your'e not cramping style hanging about, would be lovely to have a Q&A with you? its so important to have forums like this where us "geeks" can nerd out about all things radio and learn the inner workings of what happens behind the scenes of R1 Personally you, Chris Moyles Scott and Greg were my inspiration to get into community radio and I've just started a new show on Uckfield FM in Sussex, and loving every minute of it, I have done shows on another station too, but this one is the best I've been to and I've only got you guys to thank for that - radio does so much for my mental health too so thanks Lovely to hear from you
  20. hey can I get some advice on how to get into the radio?

    Charlie Barnett

  21. Would love to ere more rap and less crap being played on radio 1 there was a faze that I enjoyed alot of the music being played reguarly on radio 1 but over the last couple months the music has been falling off. Jut bang on some good ass rap and it will all be gucci again.
  22. all of them they are the best and i am coming every single day. Went to Norwich a couple years ago for this subline event and it almost feels like yesterday. It makes me feel emotional sometimes tinking bout it broth. RADIO 1'S BIG WEEKEND
  23. Grimmy is my all time fave big up my guy. Always tuning in to listen to his utterly amazing words of advice honestly keeping me going atm with my job working in the coal mines.
  24. this sounds amazing buddy wanna hit up some duos on the old fn would love to talk more about the issue of geeky radio stuff, would love to here back from you lots of love charlie
  25. Hello everyone Aled here, Head of Programmes at Radio 1. Thank you for all your passion for Scott, Chris and Radio 1 - the station’s success relies on fans like yourselves caring about radio and what we do and all of us at Radio 1 really appreciate it. Don't worry - I’m not planning on hanging around and cramping your style, I’m trying to get hold of Jono. I’ve used the ‘Contact us’ section but I’ve heard nothing yet, if someone on the board has his contact please ask him to email me. (It’s nothing bad!) Keep up the amazing work everyone, be as critical as you like, I’m sure Scott appreciates it. Thanks, Aled.
  26. The current jingles and imaging are custom made for the breakfast show. He did a cool little video on it all: https://youtu.be/qtVd5wtPIlg
  27. Does anyone know the name of the song he’s currently using over his intro on radio 1?
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