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    • Radio 1 at Parklife will be presented by Vicky and Nat. Nat is currently listed to present her usual Sunday show on that weekend but I imagine that will change and someone else will be doing it instead. The Radio 1 presenters at Download will be Daniel P Carter, Jack Saunders, Alyx Holcombe and Nels Hylton.
    • Nat in for Dean with Vicky as well that day.
    • So the end of weekend afternoons this week - new show is July 1st.
    • Arielle is in for Greg on Monday 27th May.
    • He’s definitely gotten better and the show has sounded fine this week. I think it been at its best when it’s been Katie and Jamie or Vick and Katie. Vick and Jamie are ok together, but I do think the show sounds better when it’s Vick and Katie and therefore I still don’t really understand the point of the trio.    Jamie is, however, a lot better than Danny Beard! 
    • The RAJAR coming on later this year reflecting later summer to autumn will be interesting to how it reflects Matt and Mollie in afternoons to the revised changes on radio 1’s new music slots and the schedule re-shuffling Radio 3 introducing a new slate of programmes. Then, later on this year have speech radio stations having domestic political coverage of the election but also America’s presidential election.  
    • I actually caught snippets of today’s show, and I found it much better than the last time I listened. I have made it no secret that I like Jamie on the radio, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Matt & him together last year. People have criticised him for not being relatable, but I have to agree with the comment above that I have always found him a naturally warm person to listen to. Maybe the going home set up was something that needed settling in and things are starting to take shape.  It must have been difficult for him joining an established duo in Vick & Katie to begin with.  Jamie was great on something songs today, fully engaged in the caller and sounded like a real presenter. Maybe he is doing as a lot of us hoped and really learning as he goes, how to do it properly. 
    • Agree with this. The anti-Jamie feeling was IMO quite influenced by the negativity around him replacing Jordan, since Jordan was exceptional and also universally loved. When people mention Danny and Jamie in the same sentence about bad hiring decisions I almost choke - Jamie may not be perfect but he's several leagues better than Danny already and has bags of potential. Danny is poor and has shown zero potential...
    • Jamie started 4 March, and the figures only going up to 31 March, so it isn't reliable. But it has shown the numbers have dropped in afternoons compared to last quarter. It looks like it's Capital's gain.
    • Do these audience figures reflect Jordan leaving and Jamie replacing him?
    • I think Jamie is really starting to settle into the role well. He comes across as really warm, and genuinely invested in the listeners when he’s talking to them which is nice. I think he’s building a really great relationship with Vicki and Katie too. His recent great company podcast is great too, where he has quite a deep chat with someone new each week. He’s clearly a very genuine person and I think he has some real potential.
    • Most probably. But do wonder what the future of the relax themed programmes will be when they officially wind down that service.
    • I think it's just to replace Wind Down presents... which was in that timeslot, and I'm guessing Chillout Anthems was just a buffer since it'll still be played at 06:00 on Sundays.
    • With listening on the U.K. for the industry in general it is good overall as most stations reach is on the up and shows radio to be more sustainable and stable outlet than linear televisions channels. This RAJAR I think with the increase shift to DAB+ the BBC will be able to say it has it’s audiences for the proposed new stations it wishes to launch and think the new innovative ideas that it seems Jack himself can take credit for on the new music show think the younger under 30 gen z demographic could increase se in that time-slot. 
    • Conor Knight is in for Sam & Danni on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June. It's Radio 1 at Parklife, 13.00-16.00 on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June. Matt & Mollie are in for Greg from Monday 10th to Friday 14th June - it's just Matt on the Thursday. It's Radio 1 at Download, 13.00-16.00 on Friday 14th June.
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