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Scott's wedding songs


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    • 29th April has updated to show Dan back as presenter but still Nels in for Alyx on Introducing Rock.
    • Where do we think Radio 2 in the Park will be this year? Personally I'm thinking Swindon after Scott's clue of it having many roundabouts and since Big Weekend is at Luton I can't imagine they'd go to Milton Keynes.
    • Now in it's third week, the new Capital Breakfast Show seems to be settling down well and there are more of the informal, random Jordan topics appearing.  Though it is clear he wants to be seen slightly differently. It really is a very decent listen.
    • Just Vick and Katie on Wednesday (and presumably Thursday as well).
    • Unless people can provide a source for this information then it should be treated as false.   Why would Jordan sign a contract with the BBC in the autumn when he agreed a deal with Global?  He could have left in August and not had to deal with the BBC.  Vick who doesn't really like Global why would she recommend him to go there and then warn him in her post to be careful?   It's been whispered from October that Roman was thinking of going.  Roman and Jordan have the same management team.  Why would they put Jordan in a place where he would have to battle with the BBC.  They could have agreed a deal with Global for Jordan in the summer.  They might have had to pay first couple months but they would do they to secure him.  If they had known about Roman wanting to leave they could have paid Roman off to get Jordan on air quicker.  Global would also not had legal around BBC contract to deal with and would not have had to pay the BBC to release Jordan.  None of what people say makes sense and if it did happen the way people say then BBC are not the stupid ones.  It really is not a good look to be talking with Global for 6 months, to then sign a contract with a the BBC, continue to talk to Global behind BBC's back after signing and then couple of months later want to leave and to throw a hissy fit as the BBC are not giving you what you want when you want it. That not a good light for Jordan or his management.   
    • Wow, surprised he signed a new contract in September but it says a lot about Jordan that he continued to a very high standard throughout last summer/autumn if this was all going on in the background. 
    • They knew Roman wanted to leave early last year but wasn't officially announced but he gave them time to sort replacement. Found and offered Jordan a deal in June or July and needed time to get Jordan out of Contract at bbc and roman to do notice  Jordan had dinner with Katie Vick and Arielle to ask advice and all said he should go.   
    • And they told Radio 4’s Feedback that it was an ‘experiment’ to ‘look at the best way to serve young listeners’ but reaffirmed that 280 hours commitment.
    • I doubt he wanted to go to Global if a slot before he found out kemp was leaving.
    • We're hoping to get some answers in the coming weeks
    • From what he's saying on the Pod he's been trying to get out of r1 for a while. Looks like he needed to wait for a show on global to be available. Jordan had bbq last summer with most of thr global execs and he's referenced the deal was in place then. Obviously the hold up was r1 being stubborn
    • All seems to be back to normal this morning.
    • Indeed and Jordan was already friends with Sian Welby, Will Manning and Jimmy Hill.  
    • It's great to see those friendships still thriving. I think the days of Radio 1 DJs and Capital DJs being unable to co-exist is long over. You used to either be firmly BBC or commercial, and you don't get the sense that's the case anymore. 
    • Maia Beth will be presenting the Radio 1 Happy shows from the 27th April replacing Katie.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001ydkr
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