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Will Scott go to R2?

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Lots of Talk on DS about possibilities of replacements for Simon and Jo on R2 drive, and our lad keeps getting mentioned, that he'll probably go over, here is a reply I sent, showing that he actually has the MOST airtime on R1 of any of the presenters 


Although R1 have just gone through major schedule changes themselves and similarly to R2 the middle of the day shows are the stable (Clara and Scott) with a new breakfast and drive show and new show now late night with Jack Saunders, and the 4 day week as well all in a year, I can't see Clara or Scott being moved for some time, specially as Scott has effectively been promoted to drive on a Friday now as well - he's actually doing the most hours on R1 **Important caveat there on R1 ** I think I worked out in his permanent slots although as of Monday Dev is probably doing more covering the 8th, and Mistajam is level with Scott but i'm working this out on R1 airtime and mainstream daytime not dance or late night once a week shows

I suspect Dev may take one or two weekend shows off and leave Alice to run solo as he seems to be covering the 8th UFN

Scott (1-4 M-TH and 4-7 FR)- 15hrs a week
Greg (630-10 M-TH) - 14hrs a week
Grimmy (4-7 M-H)/Adele (4/630 M-TH and 4-6 FR)/Clara (10-1 M-TH)/Alice/Dev (6-10 F/S/SU)- 12hrs a week (discounts Dev covering the 8th which is an extra 8 (9-11 M-TH))
Annie (7-9 M-F)- 10hrs a week
Matt/Mollie (1-4 F/S/SU) - 9hrs a week
Jack Saunders (10-1am M-TH) - 8hrs a week
Maya (10-1 F/SA) 6hrs a week
Jordan (10-1 SU)/Katie/Cel (4-7 SU)- 3hrs a week

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Can’t see Scott going anywhere in a hurry. Maybe in couple of years when schedule has stabilised and R1’s have more upcoming talent could see him and Chris going to weekends before touching r2 but right now there’s no reason to concider him for R2 , he’s still top of his game on R1’s and the only reason anyone could suggest R2 is because of age but that’s hatdly relevant when the content he puts out is relevant to target audience 

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