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Imaging Demo

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Thought I'd make a demo of some of the different bits of Radio 1 imaging I've got, in case anybody wants to trade. For a while now I've been looking for the Newsbeat packages from 2001-6 and 2009 without much success - maybe if someone who has them wants some stuff from here, we can swap. Or maybe if I'm feeling extra nice I'll give it to you for free, but really I'm after the news jingles.

Radio Imaging Demo

It contains:

1. The Official Chart 2015: Opener, beds, idents

2. Some R1 beds from the last couple of years

3. R1 Idents 2014

4. Newsbeat 2015: Intro without vocals, ident into main bed, entertainment bed

5. Scott Mills stuff: Intro bed 2010, comedy news bed, Real or No Real

6. Track of the Day imaging

7. Some Radio 1 SFX

8. Ten Minute Takeover drone

10. Even More Music Month sweepers

11. Some Matt Edmondson bits: Wednesday night show opener, opening link bed, Celebrity Rhyme Time Theme

12. Some Christmas Beds

13. Christmas idents

15. Greg James bits: Ask the Nation, Chris Smith with the News, Rage Against the Answer Machine

16. Some R1 Sweepers inc. Where It Begins

EDIT: By 2006 I mean 2005/06, the one used here: https://archive.org/details/2006-07-07-BbcRadio1-5.45pmNewsbeat

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